Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask Review

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask Review

With so many different lip balms and masks, taking care of our lips was never easier than it is today. I've always had trouble keeping my lips soft and plump as weather conditions would make them dry and chapped. If you've also been struggling with that then you know how annoying it can be to make your lips soft once they've been chapped for a long time. Thankfully, I tried this Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask and I never turned back.

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Product Details

As you can see, the packaging of this lip mask is so cute. It is a blue tube with mangos on it. The packaging definitely reveals the main ingredient. I love how sleek the packaging is as I can easily take it with me wherever I go.

So as mentioned, the key ingredients are mango extract, honey extract, and ceramides. Mango extract gives this lip mask a beautiful scent. It also adds much-needed hydration which is the reason most of us reach for lip products. If you know me then you know that if it has honey in it I'm taking it. I absolutely love honey in skincare products as it has so many amazing benefits. Ceramides are also a very important part of Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask as they help repair the lip barrier.

As it is a lip mask, the texture is a little bit thicker than the normal lip balm. It applies easily and smoothly onto the lips adding a little bit of glow to them. It is suitable for all skin types but dry skin types will definitely notice the benefits much more.

Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask Review

How to Use It?

So, Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask is marketed as a sleeping lip mask but I honestly love it so much that I use it during the day as well. I just love reapplying it and immediately feeling how soft my lips are getting. It doesn't feel sticky at all which is something I'm always looking for when it comes to lip products. When I use it as a part of my bedtime skincare routine I wake up with the most hydrated and plump lips.

I've tried a lot of lip balms and lip masks but this one I'm always reaching for when I need to make my lips soft and hydrated fast. It helps with getting rid of dryness, flakiness, and chapping. Another great things about Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask is that the hydration lasts for a long time. It is not one of those lip masks that vanish as soon as you drink or eat something.

Overall Impression

If you are like me and your lips easily get dry and chapped then this is a perfect lip mask for you. I always have it in my bag whenever I'm on a go. The packaging makes it so easy to reapply. It is not like some lip masks that are placed in small containers. You don't need to use your fingers to appl Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask. If you want to try this lip mask you can find it at Stylevana. Use my discount code INF10SWEET for 10-15% off.

Frudia Mango Honey Lip Mask Review

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