How to take care of your skin in autumn?

Monday, August 8, 2022

The demand for skin care products increases when the temperature drops. We must get ready if we don't want dry, cracked skin. The season of autumn offers numerous advantages for our skin: The skin does not have to defend itself as vigorously and does not age as quickly since UV light is less intense than in the summer. Sadly, there are drawbacks as well, such as dry heated air and cold, which cause dry, irritated skin.

First of all, the cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, weakening the blood supply and reducing the delivery of nutrients. The sebaceous glands produce less oil at lower temperatures, which causes the skin to dry up more quickly. The thin, fatty protective layer of skin can no longer spread at temperatures below 8 degrees. (Photo by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash)

Cleaning and cleansing 

Because the skin is not in contact with water for as long and there is no oil loss, a shower is better for your skin than a bath. Use only lukewarm water when taking a shower and shower products that replenish oil on your skin. They replenish the skin's lost moisture. Use bath accessories with moisturizing components if you don't want to give up taking a bath. Double cleansing is also a great way to remove all of the dirt from your pores. There are a lot of Korean cleansers that can help you make your skin clean and healthy. 

Sun protection

Now that summer is over, it's time to resume our regular schedule. Are you planning an outdoor excursion or vacation during the off-season? Although UV radiation intensity may have dropped, long-wave UVA photons are still there and can still harm your skin. If you like to travel in the fall since there are fewer tourists and lower prices, remember to wear sunscreen because your skin still needs care.

Moisturize your skin

The moisturizing face cream is recommended for the day moisturizer. Take a moisturizer with ingredients that help the skin's natural fat return for the night. Shea butter or urea are examples of additives that keep the skin moist and help it regenerate. There are various options, including hydrating masks. To avoid irritating the skin during the colder months, it is preferable to clean the face with gentle cleansing milk. It will make your face hydrated and soft. 

Get rid of dry skin

In the autumn, lipid-containing creams are crucial for skin care of dry faces and hands. Always use them after a shower. Glycerin and urea attach moisture to the skin and fortify its barrier. Body oils that replenish the fat layer, such as those containing shea butter, linoleic acid, argan, or olive oil, are also beneficial. Because there are so few sebaceous glands and fatty tissue in the hands, they are particularly vulnerable. Rapid moisture loss occurs. To properly care for your hands, use washing agents. The best soaps are pH-neutral ones since they preserve the skin's barrier. Apply a cream that restores the skin's natural oiliness after washing, and hand lotion in the evening.

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Do a pilling

Your skin has undoubtedly been exhausted in the summer, so it is essential to remove dead and dry skin cells and reveal new, healthier skin. Starting your fall skin care regimen off right with a thorough exfoliation is recommended. You can use either the face peeling products, which include small, hard particles, or the chemically active peeling products. Active chemicals like retinol, retinoids, AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), and glucosamine are frequently included in chemical peeling solutions. They cause the top layers of dead skin to slowly peel away and reveal younger and more luminous skin. Keep in mind that you should only exfoliate your skin twice a week to avoid damaging it.

Intensive skincare

They are more aggressive yet also restore the skin thoroughly. For this reason, they should not be performed more than twice a year. Typically, active ingredients like vitamins A, vitamin C, and E and flavonoids are present in intense treatments that remove UV damage. For "normal," everyday treatments, using both a serum and a daily moisturizing cream results in the best results. Apply a serum and cream after cleaning the skin. You can apply it once at night or twice daily. AHA and BHA acids are also great skincare ingredients to include in your skincare routine. 

Lack of rich care can cause the skin to become tense, dry, itchy, and eventually crack somewhat. Severe skin cracking happens in more extreme cases. Care must begin before the onset of symptoms to avoid this from happening. The time it takes for the skin to grow again increases if we are late. Pay close attention to the progressive substitution of care items so that the skin has time to adjust.


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