5 Easy but Essential Summer Skincare Tips

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Summer brings higher temperatures and more time spent in the sun, which necessitates a shift in our cosmetic routine. We are increasingly focused on good skincare for the face and body, additional sun protection, as well as nail, foot, and hair care. Find out how to look for yourself during the summer months and what beauty rituals you should include in your routine. Everyone desires beautiful, well-groomed, and glowing skin in the summer, and in this post, I provide tips on how to attain that look.


1. Regular skin cleansing

Humidity, sweat, and increased sebum production make facial skin more vulnerable to pimples and blackheads in the summer. Cleansing your face is particularly crucial in the morning and evening. Use gentle facial cleansers that won't irritate your skin. It is important to regularly clean the skin with facial cleansers and deep peels. After that, nourish the skin with a moisturizing face mask that will compensate for the lost moisture. During the summer months, the skin is exposed to the sun which leads to both moisture loss and skin dehydration. In the summer months, therefore, slightly more moisturizing skincare products should be used.

2. Use hyaluronic acid and lipids

During the summer, hyaluronic acid and lipids are your best buddies. To compensate for moisture that evaporates more quickly and restore natural lipids, daily care for dry skin should focus on two essential concepts. They are in charge of maintaining the skin's surface layer's integrity. Lipid insufficiency causes the skin to become dry, scaly, and rough, as well as rapid evaporation of water from the middle layers of the skin. That's why it's critical for dry skin sufferers to replace both hydration and lipids. A nourishing cream will replace lipids and heal gaps through which water evaporates, while a quality moisturizing serum based on hyaluronic acid will return moisture to the skin's middle layers.

3. Sun protection is essential

As pleasant as the first rays of the sun on your skin may appear, it is important to remember that UV radiation dries up the skin and accelerate its aging. As a result, we recommend using UV-protective creams in the spring and summer. Many powders and primers already contain a protecting ingredient. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure, and reapply every two hours, i.e. after each bath, wiping with a towel, and sweating. It is a common fallacy that tanned skin does not need to be protected and that after the foundation is applied, products with fewer protecting properties are sufficient. The skin on your neck and décolleté is equally as delicate as your face. Moisturizing care with UV protection is an absolute must. It would be ideal if they could share face care. As a result, lubricate your face, neck, and décolleté in the morning at the same time.

4. Make your moisturizer lighter

Summertime makes you sweat more, but your skin still needs to be hydrated. However, because seasonal dryness is rare in the summer, you won't require the thick cream you'd use in the winter. I'm a firm believer in ditching Vaseline and heavy moisturizers in favor of light hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers. Use a face cream to rejuvenate your skin as needed during the day. Use a day cream with a modest quantity of fat in it. Gels or fluids might be used to help folks who are overly concerned. They have a liquid consistency rather than cream, contain less oil and fat, and leave the skin feeling light and airy.

5.  Scrub your body

Exfoliation is one of the most effective and natural techniques to prepare your skin for sunbathing and make it soft. A gentle exfoliation treatment will help remove dead skin cells and open pores from your face or full body. Peeling can be done in the comfort of your own home using olive oil and brown sugar for a natural treatment. After the exfoliating treatment, be sure to hydrate your body and face. Keep in mind that the peeling procedure removes the top layer of skin, so avoid going out in direct sunlight for a few days thereafter, as your skin will be sensitive and vulnerable to dangerous UV rays.

Taking care of your skin is important during all seasons but especially during the Summer. We are spending a much more time outside in the nature where a lot of things can make our skin irritable and damaged. Follow these simple summer skincare tips and enjoy your beach days. 

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