What To Eat For Hydrated Skin & Even Complexion?

Friday, January 7, 2022 London, UK

In addition to cleaning the face before going to bed and applying moisturizing care to the face, all beauty experts agree that the most important thing for hydration is to drink plenty of water. However, in addition to drinking plenty of water and applying your favorite products, it's also crucial to pay attention to your nutrition, as eating high-quality foods results in a glowing complexion. These are the most effective foods and by-products for the three most serious issues (Photo by Jennifer Chen on Unsplash).

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Replace morning and afternoon coffee with tea if you just want your skin to be more moisturized. The green tea made without sugar or other sweeteners and flavored with a few drops of lemon juice is the most appealing. Green tea is high in antioxidant polyphenols, which help the skin stay moisturized, according to a recent study. This is one of the reasons Asians have such beautiful and clear skin. 

Use Heimish Marine Care Cream Toner for hydrated skin, better tone, and a healthy glow, and Garnier Hyaluronic AloeJelly  - a jelly cream that efficiently nourishes and protects the skin from moisture loss, restores the protective layer, restores elasticity, calms, and mattifies the skin - are two products I recommend for skincare.


Increase your intake of fish and vegetables if you observe various irregularities and unevenness on your facial skin. Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, chard, and spinach, as well as fish such as salmon, are excellent for your skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in fish, while vitamins A and C are abundant in vegetables, and it is these nutrients that are responsible for a clear, even complexion free of acne and other abnormalities.

For care, I recommend Cosrx  Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence - helps regenerate the skin and stimulates dermal fibroblasts, and Garnier Hyaluronic Serum, a concentrate that successfully fights tired skin without shine, pigmentation, and uneven complexion. 


Soft, smooth skin with no uneven lines will allow you to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Strawberry, peppers, oranges, broccoli, pineapple, kale, papaya, and kiwi are just a few of the many foods that can help with skin smoothing. These foods are high in vitamin C, which is necessary for collagen formation, so eat them as often as possible. Even though scientists have yet to figure out how vitamin C works to minimize wrinkles and smooth skin, multiple studies have demonstrated that the correlation is undeniable.

For care, I recommend Garnier Vitamin C Serum - for visibly smooth and firm skin with a youthful appearance. 

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Honey is a natural component that has been used in cosmetics since ancient times and is one of the oldest skincare substances. It can be found in skincare, moisturizing and firming lines, as well as products for troubled skin, due to its complex composition. It can be found in a wide range of products that stimulate skin renewal and healing, as well as cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and masks. It is high in polyphenols and flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants that protect skin cells from oxidative stress, which is the leading cause of skin aging. Honey has a unique protective action on collagen and elastin fibers, which are heavily exposed to free radicals, increasing skin firmness and elasticity.


In addition to moisturizing care, it is not difficult to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. Intake of 8 glasses of water each day is a MUST of the daily ritual. And when you replace 2 glasses of water with coconut water, you get real pleasure! At the same time, you sweetened up and got enough electrolytes that we need during the day.


This little delicacy may be referred to as "natural chocolate." When we need it, it will sweeten and saturate us. They are rich in important minerals and vitamins that help the skin seem younger and smoother. They contain hydrating vegetable oils that nourish and moisturize the skin while also helping to fill wrinkles. Macadamia oil aids in the formation of collagen and the fight against free radicals. Walnuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and redness.


When selecting a fish, avoid selecting one that is overly large. They contain a lot of toxins, which will harm the body and, as a result, the skin. Always choose mackerel, salmon, sardines, or anchovies when eating fish. Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which help to form a protective layer around the body's cells. The stronger the membrane, the more water the cells can hold, and the skin seems younger and more beautiful. Smaller fish, which are high in good fats and Omega 3 fatty acids, are anti-inflammatory and beneficial to the skin.


This green fruit is excellent for maintaining skin health. It's chock-full of vitamins and minerals. Avocados have more potassium than bananas, believe it or not! You will be delighted with your line if you include it in your diet because it encourages the removal of fat deposits while also revitalizing the skin. How? Avocado, on the other hand, is high in vitamin E, sometimes known as the "vitamin of endless life and beauty."


Remember when our grandmothers and mothers brought us 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate instead of milk? We weren't delighted, but it was unquestionably the better option for our health. So, what's the deal? Flavanols, which are antioxidants found in cocoa, are abundant. They are in charge of moisturizing the skin and protecting it from UV rays, but they also have an impact on the skin's blood circulation. You don't need a reason to indulge in some chocolate now, do you?

How are you taking care of your skin? 
Which of these foods is your favorite?

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