Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe All-In-1 BB Cream Review

Friday, October 1, 2021

I remember a few years ago when BB creams became popular. It was around the same time that a natural or no-makeup makeup look was promoted on social media and in magazines. I believe that at that time I tried BB cream from Essence. I didn't particularly like it as it made the dry areas of my skin stand out more. After that unsuccessful try, I never used a BB cream again. That was until a month ago.

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I must say that I was both skeptical and excited when Garnier sent me their Hyaluronic Aloe All-In-1 BB Cream. I've been testing their Hyaluronic Aloe collection for a few months now, and I've loved it. I knew that this BB cream had a new formula. It specifically says that it is for combination to oily skin. I was glad to see that as I have combination skin.

When it comes to applying the makeup base I always opt-in for light coverage. Before this Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe All-In-1 BB Cream, I was using Maybelline Affinitone Foundation. I like my base to be natural and light. I have pigmentation and scars from breakouts. I don't mind my skin showing through the base. I mainly apply it to even out my skin tone.

I got this BB cream in two shades, Light and Medium. When I first tried the Medium shade I thought that it was too dark for my skin tone. After blending it out, it completely adjusted to my natural skin tone. It was very easy to blend and gives a natural and healthy look. Because of the aloe, it does not dry out my skin. I also love the scent of it. It is a very light and pleasant scent of aloe.

One of the things I noticed while using this BB cream is that it mattifies and evens out my skin tone. I have large pores around the nose and redness on my cheeks. This product reduces the visibility of pores and imperfections. As I already mentioned why I didn't like the first BB cream I ever tried, this one gives my skin a naturally bright look. Even after a few hours, it doesn't feel like my skin is getting dry and patchy.

Another huge plus in my book is that this BB cream has SPF 20. We all know how important it is to apply sunscreen even during the Wintertime. This Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe All-In-1 BB Cream makes it so much easier.

What I love about Garnier as a brand is that they are constantly trying their best to improve their products. Not only the formula but also the packaging. They care about nature and are finding ways to make their products as eco-friendly as they can. The packaging of this BB cream is made out of a carton.


I recommend this BB cream if you are looking for a base that will not dry out your skin. It is perfect for light, natural, everyday makeup looks. You won't need to worry about your pores getting clogged. It really blends well with the skin and makes it look even. If you are into instant full coverage, I don't think that this is something you would like. 

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