5 TikTok Skincare Tips Worth Trying

Monday, October 4, 2021

While scrolling through TikTok, you probably stumbled upon skincare tips. Skincare has become such a popular topic amongst both men and women and all age groups. I love seeing so many young girls getting into the right kind of skincare. As a skincare lover myself, I decided to combine 5 of the TikTok skincare tips that I've been seeing a lot.

These tips are especially great now that we are slowly heading into the colder months. I personally already started to experience some skin issues that mostly occur during Autumn and Winter. One of them is dryer skin than it was during Summer. Now I know that I need to moisturize my skin much more because the dry air is absorbing moisture much quicker.


If you've been following skincare influencers, you probably already heard about this skincare advice. The double cleansing method involves two kinds of cleansers. The oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser. Oil cleansers remove oil-based contaminants from your face. 

Some of those impurities are makeup and sunscreen. Water cleansers can help remove water-based impurities like sweat and dirt. This method is popular because it removes both oil and water impurities. After you double cleanse, your skin will feel fresh, clean, and smooth. This method is excellent if you have an oily skin type.


I don't know about you but I used to always apply my face mask with my hands. I did notice that sometimes I wouldn't be able to apply it evenly across my whole face. Then I saw on TikTok that skincare influencers are doing it with their beauty blender or with their brush. 

I just thought that that was such a great idea as we all know that touching our face with our hands is not the best thing to do. Especially if your mask is in a container and you don't want to leave germs in it while picking it up with your hands. Using a beauty blender or blush is an amazing way to apply your face mask correctly.


A lot of dermatologists on TikTok suggest cleaning our pillowcases every two days. I already talked before about how important it is to do so for your hair. It is the same thing with your face. Flip your pillow over to a new side every night. That will prevent oil, dead skin cells, germs, dirt, and bacteria from building up on your face and clogging your pores. 

It would be best to use a satin or silk pillowcase as these two fabrics are soft to touch and allow your face to glide against the pillowcase. If you noticed pimples appearing in the morning, this could be the case. When you start changing your pillowcase regularly, you will see that your skin is not breaking out as much.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it can help your skin produce more collagen. It also helps with hyperpigmentation and scars. Incorporate it into your morning skincare routine after you cleansed your skin. You can also use it as a part of the nighttime routine but it will not be as beneficial as when you are using it during the day. 

While buying Vitamin C products, make sure that they also contain another amazing vitamin, vitamin E. Vitamin C will protect your skin from free radicals and the sun. After applying your Vitamin C product make sure that you also use your SPF. Start using Vitamin C products as a part of your morning skincare routine to brighten your skin, make it look young and fresh.


There are a lot of face oils to choose from. Many people are afraid to use face oils, especially those who have naturally oily skin types. Face oils help to moisturize, nourish and strengthen the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, even oily skin. One of the most popular face oils is rosehip oil. This oil is rich in vitamin A and fatty acids. It will help moisturize your skin and improve your tone, texture, and breakouts. 

Another great face oil is chia oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Those acids are great for helping strengthen balance and nourish your skin. If you are afraid to use face oils, start with this one as it is lighter than other face oils. The best way to use face oil is after you moisturize your skin. It is best to apply it as a part of your nighttime skincare routine as that way it will slowly absorb into your skin during the night.

Have you tried any of these tips yet?
What is your favorite skincare tip? 

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