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Monday, July 19, 2021

More and more people are working from home. There is a rapid trend of small business opening and people deciding to try freelancing. When you shift from a 9/5 job to freelance, some big changes are happening. Going to work every morning and being told what to do by others is very different from working for yourself. The big key to successfully working from home is the level of productivity you have. 

If you search online for productivity tips and tricks, you will find some, but most of them are presented in a way that doesn't motivate you to start working. Productivity is one of the habits we need to constantly work on. Most of us want to be productive but only use productivity tips once in a while. That approach is not going to benefit you in the long run. You might think that some people are just born that way, that productivity is one of their virtues. Well, you can also become productive, not only when you most need it, but always. 

Can Productivity Methods Really Help Us? 

Productivity is something I've had trouble with since I was young. I managed to get things done, but it would take all of my energy, and I would fall into the procrastination whole. Then I started to think about the reasons behind my procrastination. After years and years of trying different methods and approaches, I managed to find 4 of them that work. They are easy to implement, and the best part is that when you get bored of one method, you can choose one from the other three. 

I had friends struggling with studying for finals or writing their bachelor's degrees and shared these strategies with them. All of them never heard about those methods before but found them so helpful. After I realized the importance that being productive holds to all of us. Especially those whose level of productivity needs to be high as their financial stability, career, and overall quality of life depends on how productive they are. 


I decided to write an eBook about Ultimate Productivity Strategies For Working From Home. This eBook has all the information about how you can get productive right now. I also included worksheets that will help you stay on track. I truly believe that you will benefit from this eBook. You can get your copy HERE for only $3! 

Is It Possible To Have Stress-Free Productivity?

I realized that stress is one of the most damaging factors of trying to stay on top of your game. It is especially noticeable when you talk to those who are self-employed. They are under stress because making money when you work from home as a small business owner, blogger or freelancer is hard. The stress is mostly there because we have the wrong perception of what being productive means. 

Productivity is often seen as always hustling, grinding, and spending every minute of our day working hard on our business. When in fact, being productive also means reading a book, having a pamper night, listening to the podcast, going for a walk, etc. 

We get stressed because we don't notice the real time-consuming activities. Those are the things we do that are not benefiting us in any way. They might be fun for a short while, but they are not bringing value to our life. 

10 Mindsets That Are Making You Procrastinate 

1. "My life needs to be perfect, but perfection is hard to achieve, I won't even try." 

2. " There is enough time, I'll start later." 

3. "Everyone is doing this so I need to hop on that wagon as well." 

4.  " What if it doesn't go as planned." 

5. "I failed once so I'll surely fail again this time." 

6. " There is probably a shortcut I can take." 

7. " I'll just work until I pass out." 

8. " I promise I'll be productive once I watch one more episode." 

9. "They said I should even try so I won't." 

10. " That is a bigger bite than I can take." 

These are only 10 mindsets most of us had at one point in our lives. There will always be doubts in our minds but deep down we need to remember why we started in the first place. So many people are dreaming about working from home, owning a small business, or being a freelancer right now. Negative mindsets like the ones above are unnecessary. Don't let procrastination ruin your dream. 

I know how hard it can be to find motivation when you don't feel like yourself. In the eBook, alongside other helpful worksheets, you can also find a 30-day productivity challenge that will help you make the first step in the right direction. 

Get your copy of the eBook for only $3 HERE

Would you consider yourself productive? 
What mindset is holding you back? 

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