The #1 Foundation That Won't Melt Off In The Heat

Monday, July 12, 2021

Maybelline Affinitone foundation REVIEW

Who hates it when the foundation melts off your skin as soon as you take a step outside? 

Applying makeup when it is boiling hot isn't that fun. I know that a lot of girls completely ditch or apply less makeup. But there are always those days when you need to look a little bit more put together. As someone who doesn't like thick and heavy bases, I'm sharing with you my all-time favorite foundation. 

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Maybelline Affinitone foundation is a liquid foundation that adapts flawlessly to any skin color. It is enriched with natural pigments and vitamin E that protect the skin from adverse external influences. It is light and has a pleasant texture. Hydrates the skin while allowing it to breathe. It flawlessly covers skin imperfections by adapting to your skin tone.

The packaging of the foundation is a simple plastic tube with a screw cap. I would prefer a glass bottle with a pump as the consistency of the foundation is quite liquid, so you should be careful when applying it to avoid making a mess. The Maybelline Affinitone Foundation does not have any unpleasant odor, which is positive. It is easily applied to the face with a brush or fingers. I apply it with fingers as I find that I get a more natural look that way.

Maybelline Affinitone foundation

I like the light and velvety feeling on my skin after applying the Maybelline Affinitone foundation. My face looks fresh because the foundation blends with my complexion perfectly. This powder is intended for all skin types, so it also suits my mixed skin. I do need to matte the T zone with stone powder. Another great thing about this foundation is that I haven't noticed that it emphasizes dry dehydrated parts of my face. Of course, a good moisturizer is crucial. There are 6 shades you can choose from. Mine is in shade 14 Creamy Beige. 

The durability of the Maybelline Affinitone Foundation is excellent. It lasts on the face for average working hours (8-9h). Although, I did notice that in the colder months it lasts even longer. The foundation does not contain SPF. This is both good and bad. If you don't have a tendency to apply SPF separately then this might be a slight issue. I don't mind it as I can always apply SPF separately.

One thin layer is enough to even out the complexion and alleviates imperfections and you can see the difference. Still, I wouldn’t agree that the Maybelline Affinitone Foundation covers imperfections flawlessly. Who wants perfect coverage of small imperfections, will have to reach for concealer and heavy foundation.

This is my all-time favorite foundation. I repurchased it multiple times already. If you like light and breathable foundations that will make your skin even but not suffocate it, then this is the foundation for you.

What is your favorite foundation? 
Did you try this one? 

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