The 3 Habits I'm Adding To My Routine In 2021

Thursday, March 11, 2021

2021 has definitely started as a year of reflecting and taking care of mental and physical health. After the trainwreck of 2020, it is time to get back on track and do little things that make us happy. Even if those are the smallest things they hold big importance. Incorporating different habits into our daily routine is an excellent way to live a wholesome life. This year I added 3 simple yet meaningful habits into my daily routine. It's been three months since I started and I'm already seeing so many benefits.
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I started drinking green tea once in a while a few years ago. I don't drink coffee and hearing about all the benefits that green tea has. This year I started to drink one cup of green tea a day. I drink it as it is, without added sugar or honey. Green tea has a lot of health benefits. Some of them are that green tea contains healthy bioactive compounds. It may improve brain function, increases fat burning, antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers, may protect the brain from aging, may reduce bad breath, may help prevent type 2 diabetes, may help prevent cardiovascular disease, and so on. 

Green tea is higher in protective polyphenols. It is filled with antioxidants. They protect the body against infection and are an essential part of a wholesome diet. I've read somewhere that green tea can boost metabolic speed and boost fat burning. It also removes toxins from your body. That's why I like to drink it in the morning.


Only this year I started to take supplements. I never liked to take anything in a form of a pill. Being a student and living in a dorm room, I noticed that I am not taking enough vitamins through my meals. That's why I decided to learn more about supplements and which ones I should take. I first started with magnesium and omega 3. Now I'm taking Omega 3 and Calcium with vitamin D3, K1, and K2. 

I'm by no mean trying to replace food rich with these vitamins by taking supplements. I think of supplements as a backup in case I do not supply my body with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for good health. Some of the advantages of taking supplements are that they manage general health, boost mental and sports-related achievement, produce immune system care.


After setting my reading goal to 52 books a week I started to read daily. I enjoy reading books so this actually helps me to stay on track. I also noticed that reading genre that I usually wouldn't made it interesting and fun to read. We all know how beneficial reading is and making it a habit is an excellent way to stick to the reading routine. Reading is great because it amplifies our perceptions, gives us infinite wisdom and education while maintaining our brains engaged. 

While we concentrate on the characters and the storyline, it stimulates cognitive capacities. It will clear your mind, particularly the role of the brain for concentration and critical thinking. Pressure can influence many parts of our daily living, and after experiencing emotional stress it can have a toll on our health. Reading can allow our mind and body to unwind.

Is there anything you added to your routine? 
How do you take care of your health? 

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