5 Content Creating Tools Worth Investing In

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Content creating is much more complex than just being imaginative and making an intention into reality. Behind all of those things are hours of thought, preparation, manifesting, and creating. Some tools make a content creator's life more relaxed. Tools are what they need to use for their creativity to come into existence. While most of the tools can be found online for free some of them are worth investing in. Those investments don't need to be huge. You don't need to spend a fortune to make content creating fun and easy.

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Depending on what kind of content you are working on. you will need different tools. I'm sure that you'll need at least one of the ones mentioned above. Sometimes we feel like investing in tools is just not worth it but I disagree. For you to grow and improve you need to invest and find ways to make your content better.


Camera / Phone

Having a good quality camera is crucial if you want to only use your own photos. I personally recommend this over using free stock photos. There can be some legal complications if you use photos from the Internet without crediting the author. When you take photos for your blog post by yourself you don't have to worry about those things. I personally use SONY DSC H300. I got it almost 5 years ago. It has all the settings I need to take photos for both my blog posts and Instagram. 

If you don't feel like investing in a camera then you can found amazing phones that have high-quality cameras. I use Samsung J3 and use it mainly for taking photos for the Instagram story. For those who want to use stock photos, I recommend Unsplash. They have a great collection of free photos you can use but always be sure to credit the author.


Grammarly is a tool that I suggest to anyone who wants to improve their writing. It is a tool that I wished I knew sooner about. As someone whose mother's thong isn't English, it helps me to improve my grammar and broaden my vocabulary. Grammarly has a free version that is great for those who want to first try it out. 

Although the free version of Grammarly enables you to reach some of the features, Grammarly Premium is made to ensure that everything you write is correct, accurate, and clear. You can easily install Grammarly to your web browser and connect not only to your website but also to other social media.


If you have a website then you need to decide what is your domain name going to be. Your domain name is the name of your website, so if you decided on the name of your website or if you are still thinking about it make sure that it is something you will like for a long time. Purchasing your domain name is a simple process, but the biggest problem is finding the one that isn't already taken. 

Make sure that you think it through. There are a lot of different domain name registrars you can buy your domain from. You must read carefully their policy and find the perfect one for you. The price of a domain name varies from domain name registrars to how specific website name you want to use.


I haven't seen a lot of people talking about what laptop or computer they use for creating their content. The laptop holds a big part in how high-quality your content will be. Depending on what kind of creation you are working on you'll need to find a laptop that can hold it. I use an ACER laptop. I've had it for 5 years now and I am honestly impressed that it lived for so long. 

Although you don't need anything super advance, you should still get something that does fine in the production area to guarantee that the laptop will suit your content-creating requirements. When it comes to execution, don't worry too much, but be certain to get a laptop with a powerful processor, high-speed CPU, and high RAM.


Whether you own a small business, are a freelance writer, or a blogger, you must stay on top of your game. Investing in a planner that has all that you need to work efficiently is crucial. Not knowing where you wrote that article idea or where all of your passwords are is only going to make your life hard. You will spend more time searching for things than actually working. A planner is an amazing tool that will help you stay organized and focused. 

There are physical planners and digital ones. I personally use physical one more. Some of the digital ones are Asana, Notion, Google Calendar, and so on. Choose the one you know will work the best for you. We tend to force different planning techniques that are just not for us. It may take you quite some time to find your own planning method.

What tools have you invested in? 
What kind of content are you creating? 

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