Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette ~ Iconic Fever Review

Monday, March 8, 2021

Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette ~ Iconic Fever Review

When was the last time you bought an eyeshadow palette and got the quality you paid for? 

There are so many different eyeshadow palettes you can get but not all of them are worth investing in. I know how hard it can be to find the right eyeshadow palette for you. I've been using a Deborah Milano Soft Smokey Eyeshadow Palette until I completely run out of it. I knew that I need a new eyeshadow palette that will have more color options and better pigmentation. I tried Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever and decided to share my thoughts with you.  

Find out whether or not this Revolution Beauty London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever is worth the money. 

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Although I've heard a lot of good things about Makeup Revolution London, this is their first product I tried. Makeup Revolution was established in 2013. Only six months later the first retailer had a Makeup Revolution product on sale. Their goal was to develop quality makeup that is available to everyone. As it says on their website: "Revolution serves to represent and champion a diverse set of customers. In an industry where beauty norms have only just begun to be challenged, Revolution Beauty has been breaking down these rules and standing for inclusivity since the day it was born."

Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever Review


Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette in shade Iconic Fever comes in a clear plastic container. You can see all the shades without opening the lid which I like. It is very minimalistic with only the name of the palette written in the middle of the see-through lid. Unlike some other eyeshadow palettes, this palette does not have a mirror at the top of palette. I don't mind it as I usually use a separate mirror when doing makeup.  

You can tell by the touch that the packaging is built from well-made plastic. The only remark I have about the packaging is that it is made out of plastic. I would much more prefer if the packaging was from cardboard. On the back of the Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette, it does say that the packaging is recyclable and the pallet is cruel free so that makes it a little bit better. 

Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever Honest Review


This is a 15 eyeshadow palette.  At the first glance, I fell in love with the variety of shades that this Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette in shade Iconic Fever has. On the website, it says it's got warm burnt shades for lovers of orange and burgundy, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. There might not be a lot of different textures in this palette but with matt and shimmery shades, there is a lot of looks you can create. The shades do not have a name except the number and are not arranged based on the texture. 

The first shade is light shimmery white gold, the second is shimmery champagne, the third one is matt light brown, then we have a warmer medium matt brown, and a darker matt brown shade. In the next row, there is a cooler zoned brown shade. The seventh shade is a shimmery copper, then we have a matt reddish color. The next one is a warmer tone dark pink shimmer and the last in the second row is a gorgeous dark pink duo-chrome shimmer with gold. 

The color that stands out the most is the warm orange matt shade, then we have a burgundy matt shade after which comes purple shade. The fourteenth shade is an even darker almost like an eggplant burgundy shade and last but not least there is a dark purple shimmery shade. Overall it is honestly a stunning-looking palette. It has all the shades for a warm and pinky looks for every day but also special occasions. 

Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Review


When you blend the shimmery shades of Iconic Fever it is almost like they turn into a duo-chrome shifting color. The matt shades are also very nice and buttery. Just by the touch, you can feel that they are very nicely milled. They've got a soft and smooth texture. The shimmers also have a lot of pigmentation. I was surprised by the pigmentation of both matt and shimmery shades. Just with dabbing motions, you will get a full layer of product. There are not light and dark patches. 


Even without the eyeshadow base and without using too much of the shade the pigmentation of Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever was incredible. They are blending beautifully and I love that you can miss and match with both shimmery shades and the matt ones. All of the shades are wearable and easy to create a stunning eyeshadow look with. 

I tried to apply them both with a brush and with a finger and the results are the same regarding the pigmentation of the matt shades. When it comes to shimmery ones I noticed that the pigmentation is a little bit more vibrant when using a finger. That is because of the texture of the shade and glitters that stick better to the finger. Of course that when it comes to blending brush is the better option. 


I've been wearing an eyeshadow look using Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever from morning until the evening and I experienced little to non-creasing. There is no fallout. It is lasting quite well the whole day long. 


I've tried multiple looks using Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever eyeshadow palette, and overall I had an excellent good user experience. It is really easy to work with, blendable, pigmented, and creamy. It is very well thought out.  All the shades look beautiful in the eye. This Iconic Fever eyeshadow palette is creamy, buttery and it's a pleasure to use. It is the only eyeshadow palette I own and it is going to stay like that for a long time. You get so much value for a palette that costs less than $10

I recommend this Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Palette Iconic Fever for everyone who loves warm and pinky eyeshadow looks. This is great for anyone who is a beginner in eyeshadow looks as all the shades blend well together. This is an absolute steal. If you are looking for a new budget-friendly eyeshadow palette then you don't want to skip on this one. 

Have you tried this palette? 
Do you like these kinds of shades? 

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