8 Acts Of Self-Love To Try This Week

Monday, February 15, 2021

The past year has been a difficult one for most of us. Most people were struggling with my mental health and was suffering from sadness and stress. At some point, we stopped taking care of both our mental and physical health. Letting days pass by and waiting for normal to return when we don't know how long that will take may not be the best thing to do.

What we should do is our part. The only thing we have control over is our own life, over ourselves. Here are 8 acts for self-love that are easy in practice but so beneficial for our well-being.



Hopefully, the weather is getting warmer where you live and you'll be able to get outside and watch a beautiful sunset. There is something so dreamy when you think about the sun setting down and another day coming to an end. It almost feels like a big breath out and letting go of everything that happened that day. 

Sunsets have various subconscious influences that improve the long-lasting pleasure of life and physical advantages and have been confirmed to reduce stress. Now that the sunsets are happening earlier you'll be able to spend a few more hours of the day relaxing. 


When was the last time you baked something? Whisking up creams in the kitchen can do much more than just leave you with delicious food. Baking has been affirmed to hold a healing advantage that helps to alleviate distress and fear.  I don't know about you but I find baking so therapeutic

Baking is such an amazing activity if you've been feeling stressed and overthinking everything. Following a recipe makes you put all of your focus into it and you can forget about any negativity happening in your life. The fact that you'll end up with a delicious cake makes it even better.  

Try out this easy Mary Berry's Chocolate Muffins 


Messy space usually does equals with a messy mind.  A cluttered area can induce nervousness, affect productivity, and usually make house tasks much more challenging. No matter how tidy and organized your home has been, it’s very common to collect a lot of things over time.  

Decluttering all areas of your home is one of the ways to love yourself that most people forget about. If you've been postponing your house chores then it is about time to deep cleaned your home. Declutter every room and put everything where it belongs. 

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TED talk videos are not only an amazing source of information but are also a great way to put self-love into practice. There are a lot of TED talk videos about self-care, self-growth, and self-love which could make you see your life from a completely different perspective. Watching TED talks will not only give you a lift while your working, but it could also spark your next life progress. 

More beneficial than that, it could support you to change your techniques and belief in everyday situations assisting you to advance your lifestyle. The journey to feeling more confident and happy can get hard but sources like this one are making it a lot easier. 


Do you have an established self-care routine? Most people don't because they think that self-care needs to look like it does on social media. Not a lot of people understand that self-care should be personal and unique. There are a lot of different types of self-care. 

From physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and sensory. You can choose which one you need to most and start there. Taking moment to care for yourself can evoke to you and others that you and your requirements are essential, too. A healthy and happy body and mind can make you feel great regarding yourself and your life. This can contribute to long-term feelings of well-being.


Self-love also comes in the shape of gratitude. We live in a challenging time. It sometimes seems like there is nothing good happening. The media attacks us with negative information every second. It is easy to overlook all the amazing things that are happening around us and inside us. 

A gratitude list is a great way to shift your focus to positive things and appreciate petite joys in life. Did you know that writing a gratitude list can improve your self-esteem? When you are grateful for little things in life you are not complaining or being jealous of others.  


We're all guilty of not giving ourselves adequate opportunity to relax, pamper, and unwind. Now more than ever we need to provide ourselves time only for ourselves. Time to pamper and enjoy our own company

This week take time to create a soothing ambiance, grab a drink and snack of your choice, run a hot bubble bath or a shower,  get comfy, spoil yourself with a skincare routine, and at the end get ready for a good sleep. That is exactly how you can have a relaxing, rejuvenating, and pampering spa day at home


Walking is an excellent way to increase or sustain your overall well-being. Just 30 minutes each day can boost cardiovascular health, strengthen bones, decrease excess body fat, and support muscle strength and stamina. 

It can also decrease your chance of receiving diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Unlike some other kinds of activity, walking is easy and doesn’t demand any specific equipment or preparation. Long walks in nature are a great way to reconnect with yourself. 

What is your favorite act of self-love? 
How often do you practice it? 

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