5 Reasons You Don't Need To Try & Follow Every Trend Of 2021

Monday, February 8, 2021

Have you seen all the new trends for 2021? 

Whatever magazine or website you open there are predictions for new fashion, beauty, home design, skincare, and other trends. Most of them were once trends but then got forgotten while some of them are quite unique and different. Sometimes it feels like a challenge to try as many new trends as possible. 

Somehow we forget that just because something is supposedly going to be or is a trend that we need to immediately follow it. That misconception is common with younger generations as the influence of social media and media is more powerful on them. We take trends as something set in stone without even thinking about what they really are. 

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a general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving 

(source Cambridge Dictionary)

I'm not saying that every trend is bad and that you shouldn't try it. I just want to make sure that you have in mind that not all trends are meant for you. Do you ever think about who decides what is going to become a trend and what isn't? We take some trends as they are when we should in fact think more about where are they coming from and what is in the background. Although not all trends are bad here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't follow and try every new trend that will get popular in 2021.



New trends mostly require you to buy a certain fashion piece or makeup and skincare product. Sometimes the purpose of making something a trend is to make you spend money. We are living in very challenging times where most people are already financially burdened. When you are young and see so many people hopping on this new trend, it can feel like you are missing out if you are not following it as well. Trends usually don't last for a very long time and if you are going to spend hundreds of dollars for something you personally don't even like or want but feel pressured to try then it is better to not get it at all. Anything that is only going to make your financial state worse is not worth getting. 


If you are looking back only a few months you will realize how many trends started to appear and then suddenly they are all gone. Trends come and go. Their life span is usually so short that we don't even realize that something was even a trend. One of the reasons behind that is the fact that with the popularity of technology and social media world is changing so fast. Information is traveling from one part of the world to another in just a few seconds. Before social media trends lasted longer as the whole world worked slower. 


Trends are promoted as something everyone should follow. It is like our personal style and taste should step back. Just imagine how the world would look like if we all dressed, put our makeup on, or do our hairstyles the same way. Our personalities would be lost in the attempt to put everyone in the same box. Trends do look fun but they can make us think that we need to look a certain way or else we are not doing it right. Scrolling through Instagram makes it hard as it is and new trends every few months don't really help. 


We live in a world driven by capitalism and materialism. Everything is focusing on getting news, brightest and most expensive things. Every day there are new launches happening and the marketing strategies make us want to get all of them. Following every trend is wasteful. For example, if you are going to hop on the Colorful Makeup trend and buy the most colorful eyeshadow palette just to do colorful eye makeup a few times and then realize that you can't really pull it off as many times as you thought you would. Or you just realize that you like natural look better. That will leave you with one product that you probably shouldn't have bought. This is only one example. 

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