5 Things I've Learned From "Warrior Of The Light" by Paulo Coelho

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author whose books have been loved by millions of people all around the world. He is most known for The Alchemist. A book that's been around since 1988. Can you believe that I still haven't read it? Yeah, neither can I. Well, last month I decided to get myself a copy of Warrior of the Light. I ordered it from Bookdepository and I read it in one day. While some find this book overrated and unclear, I found it quite mind provoking and poetic. I love books from which you can learn valuable things and this book was full of simple yet meaningful short notes. 

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Warrior of the Light is a  manual. Every short passage is filled with wise words and invites us to really think about things we usually pass by in life and never reflect on. You might think that it is another self-help book and I would both agree and disagree. Warrior of the Light is not telling you what you should do it is telling you what Warrior of the Light is and does and how you can be like one. What I love the most about it is that while I was reading it I could notice the things similar to me and Warrior of the Light but also the things I know I need to work on. 

This book isn't for those who are expecting to get the answer to their problem. All of the stories in this book are philosophical and if you don't have an open mind and heart you probably won't be able to get the point. I guess that this book really resonated with me as I am studying philosophy. Here are only 5 things I've learned from the Warrior of the Light

Warrior of the Light



It is easy to always complain about things not going as we want them to. No one can blame us for that, especially now that we are dealing with a global pandemic. The thing is that focusing only on the bad and neglecting all the good things that happen to us is selfish. Although we are surrounded by so much negativity there is always something to be grateful for. 

First of all, we should be thankful that we are alive and that we are somehow pushing through every day. We often take people who we care for and who care for us for granted. As Paulo Coelho says "A Warrior does not need to be reminded of the help given him by others. He is the first to remember and he makes sure to share with them any rewards he receives."


People will always talk. Most of the time it will be behind your back. Sometimes it can be hard to handle the doubt and gossip others share about you. When someone criticizes us we tend to take it as negative and we close off. Warrior of the Light teaches us that it is okay to be perceived as something you are not. You don't need to justify yourself to anyone. Others will never really understand your actions and your thoughts, and they don't even need to. 

As long as you know where you are going and why others can talk as much as they want. We shouldn't be afraid to be ourselves just because someone thinks that is strange or inappropriate. Some people tend to project their failures and dissatisfaction on others. "The Warrior of the Light does not worry that, to others, his behavior might seem quite mad." 

Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light


Living this one life we have can sometimes be confusing. There are a lot of paths in front of us and it seems like choosing the right one couldn't be any harder. Well, Paulo Coehlo is here to comfort us. He says that as soon as we start to walk we will realize which path is for us and which one isn't. Although on that path there may be some obstacles it doesn't mean that we are on the wrong path.

On the contrary, nobody said that our path is going to be all roses and sunshine. Coming across those obstacles make us doubt ourselves, our decisions, and our lives. Whether we choose the wrong or the right path the thing is that it was our decision. If we chose the wrong path we have the right and the power to stop and change direction. 


As human begins we all have flaws and virtues. Both of which can impact the way we live. There are times when we only focus on our flaws. We take our flaws as an excuse and make them our shield. What we need is to start focusing on our virtues and the way they can help us throughout our life. Knowing our qualities is what will give us wind in the back to keep going forward. 

If we utilize our qualities and build our life on them, we are more likely to achieve what we want in life. Although we should never forget about our flaws, we should not give them the power they don't deserve. No one is perfect, we all lack in some aspects. However, we all have virtues we can make the most out of. Sometimes the key to our happiness lays in the things we are good at. 


Living in a fast pacing world can make us always running after something. It feels like time is slipping through our fingers. After reading the paragraph that talks about this I realized that I've been in a hurry for the majority of my life. It somehow began to be a part of me. I always say that I walk, talk, and eat fast. When I read: " Time works in his favor; he learns to master his impatience and avoids acting without thinking.", I got the aha-effect. 

Most of the time we in a hurry out of habit. It seems like if you are not busy you are not doing things right. While running around we lose more than we get. We don't take time to be mindful and to actually think before we act. Everything becomes the game of "who will get there first". Time management is what we should all take a class on. Realizing that slowing down doesn't mean we are staying behind is what will make our life much better. 

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