4 Ecotherapy Activities For Instant Mood Boost

Monday, November 16, 2020


Have you heard about ecotherapy before? 

This is the most inexpensive therapy you will ever get in your life. Ecotherapy is an approach that is based on the idea that human beings have a deep connection to their environment and to the earth itself. Ecotherapy can increasingly improve your overall wellbeing. There are different approaches you can take to ecotherapy. It all depends on your personal likings and lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that can boost your mood and make your day, week, month, and year much better. 



What is the better way to fully dive into ecotherapy then to get outside? When it comes to taking a walk anywhere is going to work but taking walk through the woods or park makes such a big difference. If you are living in the city and you are constantly surrounded by the high buildings and noise then you need to find your way to the woods. You will immediately notice how all the sound you hear in nature you won't consider disturbing. 

Taking a walk during the different seasons brings a different feeling to it. I'm sure that your lifestyle is busy and that you might not have enough time for a daily walk in nature. What I would recommend is to pick one day, I guess weekends would work the best for most people. Reserve that day for nature. Even if you can squeeze just 30 minutes. Make sure that you completely disconnect from social media. 


If you are familiar with meditation then you know how beneficial it can be for your overall health. I'm personally trying to get into meditation more seriously. There are a lot of different apps that can help you get into meditation and if you noticed those kinds of apps use natural sound to ease you into the right state of mind. If you are a beginner in meditation or you never tried it before I would recommend just going into the forest or a park, finding a bench or spot on the grass, and close your eyes. 

Close your eyes and focus on the sounds you hear and not on the thoughts rushing through your mind. Doing this for only a few minutes can clear your mind and make you feel better. There is something so calming and relaxing in nature and we should use that for the good. In case you are not interested in meditation then just be mindful and present. Try to clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts. 


For those who are not familiar, a herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study. The fun thing about it is that you don't need to be a scientist to do it. It is a fun activity of looking for interesting flowers and herbs and giving them a new purpose. You can easily make your own herbarium. While you are taking a walk pay attention to flowers and plants you see around. 

Before picking any make sure that they are not protected species. After you picked your favorite plants place them between paper and put them in a book. Place a few more books on top. Leave it like that for a few days. When your plants are completely dried you can make your own herbarium book. Another thing you can do is buy a clear photo frame and place dried plants in it. It makes a beautiful gift as well. 


Making a terrarium is another fun way to stay connected with nature and have fun.  For making a terrarium you will need a sealable or opened glass container, soil, and plants. All of the materials you can easily find in nature. Succulents are a great plant choice for a terrarium as they don't require a lot of care. After making a terrarium you will have a beautiful decorative piece. 

This is also something that you can make for others. I love terrariums as they bring the outdoors inside in the best possible way. You can get as creative as you want. It will soon be a gift-giving season and what a better present than a handmade terrarium. The whole process will take your mind off stressful things. 

Do you find ecotherapy helpful? 

How often do you spend time in nature? 

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