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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Blog you need to read

Happy December! Who would've thought that the last month of this crazy year is already here? December is always the most exciting and busiest month for most people. 

Christmas is definitely going to look a little bit different than usual, isn't it? Different doesn't need to mean bad so I'm looking forward to it. I'll definitely spend my holiday reading books and blogs. While we are talking about blogs let's meet my December advertiser. 


To give this month a little bit more holiday magic I'm introducing to you a blog you need to know about. It is a lifestyle blog that will give you good vibes and the positive energy you need. As well as valuable information and tips and tricks. Once you start reading it you'll want to come back over and over again. That blog is Share to Inspire

Behind this incredible website is a beautiful soul called Ali. She is an English teacher that's been living in Japan for four years. Ali is full of life experience which is shown in every of her blog posts. Her way of writing is like you are talking to your friend who knows what she's talking about. 

Share to Inspire a blog is a place for inspiration and empowerment. Ali created this platform to amplify her story and inspire fellow women in the aspects of personal growth, relationships, and finance. She's been living in Japan for a while and is fascinated by their culture. If you are looking for personal growth and relationship advice or need some help with finances and productivity then Share to Inspire is one online space you need to visit. 

If you are interested in Japanese culture Ali shares her experience and valuable information. On her blog, you can read about how to build a healthy relationship, ways to increase your productivity at work and home, how to achieve financial freedom, and more. There is something for everyone. 

Have you heard about Share to Inspire before? 

What kind of bogs do you like to read? 

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