Here's How Staying At Home Changed What I Think About Fitness

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

How's your fitness been since the global pandemic started? 

I noticed that a lot of people who were gym enthusiasts stopped working out and those who used to despite exercising started to do it regularly. Staying at home most of the time really has some advantages and disadvantages. Staying fit and healthy when you can't really move outside of your home can be challenging. 

I've never been a workout enthusiast. I never really enjoyed sweating and going to the gym alone as an introvert never really attracted me. That being said  I love to eat...I'm sure you didn't see that one coming. I eat a lot and as great as it is at first, health vise it isn't really the best. That's why I always tried to do some kind of activity. Two years ago I went to Yoga classes and different group training with my friend. 

Now with the global pandemic and moving back to the countryside going to the gym wasn't really what I missed that much. Soon enough I realized that I've stopped moving enough throughout the day and that I'm losing my original body shape. I decided to start working out at home following workout videos. Here is 




I know that some people prefer working out in the gym as they don't feel workouts at home are as effective. If you are one of those people then I want to treasure you. I understand that as you are alone and your own trainer you might not be able to work the same as you would in the gym but there are some pretty intense online workouts. Workouts that make you sweat but not throw up. I would call it a good kind of a sweat. The sweat that keeps you motivated to wake up tomorrow morning and keep on working out. 


I'm someone who doesn't like it when things get boring and exhausting. If I'm bored then it is most likely I'll just stop doing it. The great thing about working from home is that you can decide what kind of workouts you want to do when you want them and for how long. Since global pandemic started I tied so many amazing workout videos and am still discovering now. From Yoga to dance workouts to Tabata. The best way to stick to working out is to make it fun and when you are your own trainer you have the power to do that. 


I know that in some countries vegetables and fruits are very expensive and for some eating healthy is more of a privilege. I also think that those who can eat healthy in a lot of cases chose not to. I'm grateful that I live in the countryside so I have homegrown vegetables and fruits I can easily pick and eat but only if I chose it over something else as processed food. If you want to eat healthily there are always ways to do so. 


Establishing a strong positive habit makes it so much easier to stay on the right path. Working out, eating healthy, drinking enough water, they are all habits we can all make. The reason why most people give u pis because they don't see the result immediately. To make something a habit it takes a long time. Those who are persistent will eventually see it becoming a part of their lives. Fitness isn't something that comes easy to most of us, that's why making it a habit will make our lives much better. 


Why you do something is more important than how you do it. Because that why determines the ultimate success. You can work out every day, eat healthily and have enough water intake but if you are doing it because you want to be like someone else then in the end it will all crumble. I started working out because I knew I need to move my body more to stay healthy. I didn't measure myself or set some unrealistic goals. I just did it because it was fun. Soon enough I started to notice a change in not only my physical look but also in my emotions and mental state of mind. 

How is your relationship with fitness? 

Do you enjoy working out? 

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