6 Free Tools That Will Make Your Blogging Journey Easier

Friday, August 21, 2020

While blogging can seem like an easy thing to do, only when you personally try it you will soon realize that there is more to it than you can at first see. It isn't only writing high-quality content and taking blog photos. There are so many little bits and bobs that make a blog the best it can be. 

Blogging doesn't need to be hard if you use the right tools. Different tools, apps, and software are there to make your blogging journey way easier. Here are 6 tools that will come in handy. 

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These are all of the tools I either still use or used in the past. They are great for complete beginners but also for those who are blogging for quite some time now. All of them are free but do offer upgraded versions you can pay for. 



As a blogger, it is important that what you write is correct in structure and grammar. I know that there is a lot of you who write your blog in English although it is not your native tongue. It is okay if you have a few mistakes but it would be better to avoid them if you can. And you can do that with Grammarly. I'm sure you already heard about this software. 

I recommend you to install it on your blog as it will help you detect any grammar mistakes you may accidentally make. It will also help you improve your writing skills. There is a free version that is in my opinion good enough if you have basic English language knowledge. If you think that you would benefit from some other advanced settings then you can buy the Premium or Business version. 


If you would like to expand your vocabulary and stop using the same adjectives to describe things or find alternative words then I would recommend using Thesaurus. Thesaurus is a similar writing tool as Grammarly. You can also use it to check your grammar mistakes, help you spell, and suggest synonyms. 

I personally only use the Thesaurus website to find synonyms. You can simply write any word in a search engine and it will list all the synonyms for that word. You can also try that word in a sentence and see if any other synonym sounds better.  It is very helpful if you find that your vocabulary isn't big enough or you use the same words over and over again in your posts. 



Photography is a big part of blogging. Some bloggers use stock photos and there are some who take their own photos. If you are the one who takes your own photos then you need to check out Ipiccy. Ipiccy is a free photo editor. It has different editing tools you can easily navigate and use. I used to use PicMonkey but find that Ipiccy works amazingly. 

Although it is a free photo editor it still has everything you need to edit a photo. All of the photos on my blog are edited in Ipiccy. I would both recommend it to beginners and to those who've been blogging for quite some time but find Photoshop or Lightroom too hard to use. I personally tried Lightroom before and although it is more advance than Ipiccy I still prefer Ipiccy because of its convenience. 


I'm sure that you all heard and used VSCO before. VSCO is a mobile photography app that has a lot of different filters and editing tools. VSCO is great if you want to always create a similar photo theme on your blog.

I personally rarely use it for my own blog but do use it for my Instagram account as I want my theme to be cohesive. If you have a blog related Instagram then I would recommend using this app to make your photos and overall feed more aesthetically pleasing. 


Snapseed is another mobile photo editing app. It is personally my favorite app to edit photos in as it is so advanced. This app is the reason why I still don't use Photoshop. It has so many amazing tools you can use to really make your photo stand out. 

If there is something you would like to photoshop out of it there is a retouch option that works wonders. I would really recommend this app to anyone who blogs or has Instagram. It will make your life so much easier. 



Blogging isn't only taking and editing photos and writing high-quality content. It is also promoting that amazing blog post so that it can reach your readers. There are a lot of different social media scheduling apps but I personally find Hootsuite to be the best one. 

On Hootsuite, you can easily schedule your post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. If you start with the free plan it offers 30 scheduled messages, 3 social profiles and only you can use it. There are also Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise plan you can buy. 

Do you use any of these tools? 

Is there any other tool that makes your blogging journey easier? 

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