5 Things You Need To Do In Zadar

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Are you already planning your 2021 travels?  

If you are searching for interesting places to visit then Zadar should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Those who might not hear about Zadar before are in the right place. Zadar is a city on the Croatian's Dalmatian coast. The Old Town is famous for the Roman and Venetian ruins and buildings. There are so many things you can see and learn about while spending your time in this incredible city. In this post, I'm sharing my advice and tips on how to spend an amazing time in Zadar so you can truly enjoy it once you visit it. This post contains affiliate links. 

Just two days ago I came back home from my vacation in Zadar and wanted to share my experience with you as soon as possible. I've stayed in Zadar for 4 days and 3 nights with my best friend. We booked an apartment called Guesthouse Villa Maggie (not sponsored) and I seriously recommend you check them out if you are planning on visiting Zadar. 

I love how close everything was. We had 2 minutes walk to the beach and 10 minutes walk to the Old Town. It was very convenient as we traveled to Zadar by bus. We tried to really make out of our stay and use every day to the fullest. Some of the places we visited are in the guidebooks but some of them are probably hidden gems worth discovering. 



If you already heard about Zadar or visited it in the past then you know that St. Donatus church is something you can't miss out on. Those who love to broaden their knowledge in history and art will absolutely love this magnificent building. Construction of this church began in the 9th century and the constructor was no one else but Donatus the Zadar bishop. An interesting fact is that this church is not used for religious purposes anymore. In the past, it was used as a warehouse and an archeological museum but nowadays it is used as the concert venue as it is very acoustic.  

The annual International Festival of Medieval Renaissance Music is held there.  Photos really don't do this stunning building a justice. You won't have too much trouble finding it as it is situated in the middle of the Old Town. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Zadar so you will definitely see a lot of people in this area. I would recommend going there in the morning as there might be fewer people around and you'll be able to fully appreciate its beauty. 


I noticed that a lot of people would only visit the most touristy attractions and would miss out on so many beautiful little alleys that hide some gems worth seeing. There is a beautiful St. Mary's church right across the St. Donatus Church. If you go behind the St. Donatus church you will be able to see an Orthodox Chruch of St. Elias. Cathedral of St. Anastasia is definitely another touristy place but you will realize why as soon as you get there. Each ally has a lot of unique cafes and restaurants so you'll be able to get some rest in between the strolls. 

Those who enter the Old Town from the Land Gate will be able to see The Five Wells Square and if you need some rest in the shade there is a beautiful Queen Jelena Medijevka Park where you can find a bench to relax on. If you decide to take a left turn from the Land Gate then you will be able to see the first university ever established in Croatia, University of Zadar. From there you will be able to see the crystal clear the Adriatic Sea. These are only a few things you can see if you take your time and walk around the Old Town.


You might wonder what Sun Salutation is. Sun Salutation is a creation by a local architect. It is a circle set in the pavement on the Adriatic Sea coastline. It is 22 meters wide and filled with 300 multilayered glass plates. Those glass plates collect the sun's energy during the day and it produces light show from sunset to sunrise. I recommend checking it out both during the day and during the night as the vibe is completely different. 

It is situated near the sea at the end of the Old Town. You can easily get there if you walk near the coast. This is also one of the most visited places in Zadar so be aware that there are going to be a lot of people there. Especially during the evening and night as the colorful lights attack a lot of families with children. 


The Sea Organ is another unique creation by the same architect who created Sun Salutation. So the Sea Organ is an architectural sound art and musical instrument played by no one else but by the Adriatic sea. Yes, you read that right. There are tubes located underneath the ground and sea waves are producing the sound. So each time there is different music playing which is so cool and unique. There are large marble stairs you can sit on and enjoy the concert. 

I'm sure that it is going to be one of the most memorable ones you've ever attended. It is a perfect place to watch the sea, relax for a little bit and just enjoy the moment. The Sea Organ is right near the Sun Salutation so you won't miss it. This is one of the examples of the harmonious work of nature and humans. If you are feeling hot and would like to cool yourself you can have a swim near the Sea Organ and have the full experience. 


Zadar sunset is something you shouldn't miss by any chance, trust me if you do you will seriously regret it. Zadar sunset is something that can't be explained by words. Experiencing the sun slowly approaching the horizon while the sky is painted by the most beautiful colors is absolutely breathtaking. The sound of the waves makes it even more special. I've watched the sunset in Zadar for 3 days and it was different every single time. 

Sitting down on the beach or walking along the promenade gives it a different feel and makes you want time to freeze for a moment. I promise you that this sunset is going to be different from any other sunset you saw and it will definitely make you breathless. To make sure that you don't miss out on it you can always check the time the sun will set and head over to the coast. I mean, the Alfred Hitchock himself said that Zadar sunset is the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Have you ever been to Zadar? 
Would you consider putting it on your 2021 travel bucket list? 

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