Body Confidence Doesn't Happen Overnight But Here Are 4 Ways To Speed The Process

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Body confidence is something we are born with but lost along the way. From a young age, we are unconsciously or consciously pressured to look a certain way. Adolescence is the age when our body started to change and when we started to compare ourselves to women on the covers. 

The more we compared ourselves the more we forgot how beautiful we are. Social pressure to have the "perfect body" only made us feel worse in our own skin, but for how long? Well, that is all on you. Body confidence is something we need to work on, and now is the best time for it. 

It's hard, oh, of course, it is hard, but it is never going to be harder than pitying and despising your body.  The biggest issue of whit body confidence is our mindset. Our negative and toxic thoughts are what fed body hate and made us think that our body is not beautiful. 

Feeling confident in your own skin is a life long pursuit. As you get more confident you will feel better and better. It is okay if you are slower than someone else, we all start from different positions. As long as you are moving in the right direction you are good. 



Nothing makes our body confidence disappear more than social media and magazines. From a young age, we tend to compare our bodies with bodies of models, actors, and singers. Somehow we stop to look around the real world. If we stop blindly looking at those on the covers of the magazines we will soon enough realize that there are so many different body shapes and sizes. Look around and pay attention to all the beautiful people that pass by you every day while you commute to work or while you're enjoying your walk. We are all shaped and bulled differently but not less beautiful.

Stereotypes like “beach body” or "body goals" are what implies that there is only one way of how we should look to be able to enjoy our time on the beach or anywhere else in that case. This toxic opinion is making you feel pressured and dislike your body even more. Every single body is a beach body and no one can judge anyone about how they look. There is nobody else who looks like you in the entire world and that is something no one can take from you. Don’t be the one who is trying to take that from yourself as well.


You can be stereotypically the most beautiful person in the whole world, but if you are not kind that won’t matter a single bit. Some people would choose outer beauty over the inner one which is heartbreaking. We live in a world where outer beauty is placed on a throne and inner beauty is neglected. How we look is always changing and one day we may be considered the most beautiful person in the world but another day that can all crumble. What kind of person you really are is what is going to stay with you forever.

For example, there are so many people who aren’t considered beautiful by modern society but you can see the positivity and kindness bursting from them. In another case, there are so many people that society finds perfect but has such a negative soul. Stereotypes are what make use rate people as beautiful and not beautiful. Beauty isn’t something set in the stone it is personal. Someone can find something beautiful and for someone that can be ugly. If you can honestly say that you are trying to be a good person than that's what is most important. 


The best way to feel body confident is to work on yourself. But work because of the right reasons. A lot of women start working out because they want to look like somebody else or feel pressured by the people around them. Then when it doesn’t go as planned they feel discouraged and their body confidence becomes even smaller. What we easily forget that as hard as we try we will never be able to look like somebody else. Working out and going on a diet won’t help you as you and that other person have different body shapes, metabolism, and lifestyle.

Only when you start working on yourself because for yourself you will start to see the change. It is okay to have role models and someone you look up to but don't try to be like them. Listen to your own body as it will tell you what it needs. Don’t focus on the numbers focus on your emotions and health. Trust me, once you have the right mindset you will be able to be more body confident. Self-love is the best foundation of body confidence and it is, unfortunately, something we tend to forget.


I don’t think that there is a single person who doesn’t feel conscious about some part of their body. The difference is that some people let that burden them while others accept it or work on it. It all comes down to your personality. We tend to compare ourselves to others and assume that they are perfect. If we only shared our body concerns more with each other’s we will soon realize that no one is perfect. I’m sure that if you asked someone who you consider to be perfect about what they dislike about themselves, they would count more than one thing and you would probably be shocked but what they don’t like about themselves.

So when you are with your friends talk about it. That is the best way to bring light to this issue and help each other realize how beautiful everyone is. You will soon realize how you can bring each other up. Talking can actually help you to accept how you look or make better choices and live a much healthier and happier life. You might even realize where the problems were all along and how to fix them. If you don't like to open up by talking then write it down. This could help you dig deeper and find a way to be more body confident. 


Do you struggle with body confidence? 

How are you working on your body confidence? 

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