Your Hair Is Damaged! Are You Doing These 4 Things?

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Throughout history, hair was one of the women's most beautiful accessories. Hair is one of the things that makes us unique. There are all kinds of hair colors, length, texture, and thickness. Now more than ever, we experiment with our hairstyles and hair colors. It became one of the ways we express who we are. But what when we start to damage it? Most of the time we are not even aware that the things we do are making our hair unhealthy. That is not strange as no one is teaching us how we should treat our hair the right way. 

If you've been noticing splits, dryness, and dandruff in your hair then you are probably doing some of the things that I will talk about in this post. Most of the things I'll mention below are something most of us used to do or still do to our hairs. Now is the time to stop! 


You probably heard for a thousand times that heat is bad for your hair. In that context, we usually think about curling irons and hair dryers. Something we are missing is the hot water we are washing our hair with. Yes, washing your hair with hot water is damaging it. While you are directly applying hot water on your scalp you are in some ways burning and damaging your root. Your hair is becoming weaker and easier to break. 

So should you then wash your hair with cold water? The answer is also NO. Although the damage from cold water isn't as severe as from the hot one, it can still reduce the volume of your hair. The best option is to wash your hair with warm water. Warm water is hot enough to clean all the oil from your root but also cold enough to make your hair shiny. Before you start to wash your hair be sure to check the temperature of the water first. 


We all have different techniques when we wash our hair. Most of us use a circular motion when rubbing the hair products on our scalp. This may seem like a completely normal and fine thing do to. In fact, while you move your hands in circular motions you are damaging the roots of your hair. You are pulling it in different directions and making it weaker. The best method to use is an up and down motion. That way you are not pulling your hair in many different directions. Up and down motions will not tangle your hair. 

When we are in a rush we tend to be quite aggressive while washing our hair. This is also something that is making your hair unhealthy. Wet hair is even more sensitive than the dry one. You need to make sure that you gentle while you are rubbing the hair product into the roots. If you are rubbing too hard it can also make your skin red and leave you with dandruff. 


After we are done with washing out hair we usually put it into a towel. Then we tend to rub the towel up and down over the hair. This is a big NO-NO. Towels are hard and because of its texture, rubbing will only damage your hair. If you are having split ends then this may be one of the causes. You should never, I repeat never rub towel in all directions when you are drying your hair. What you should do is merely press the towel against your hair. 

Do it gently. Some even recommend ditching the towel in total and in return use a T-shirt. I never tried to dry my hair with a T-shirt so I don't know if it has any disadvantages. Something much better is air-drying your hair. This is of course much more appropriate in the warmer months and when you have enough time. 


Dry shampoos are life saviors when you don't have much time to wash your hair. They've been a holy grail product for a long time now. As amazing as it is, we tend to overuse it. How wouldn't we when it is so much easier to just spry it, give it a little rub and you are ready to go. Well, this is not exactly how you should use it. Dry shampoos are an excellent solution for that second-day greasy hair but not for the third, fourth, or fifth day.

When you use it too often it builds up on your hair root and damages it. Using dry shampoo every day will clog your follicles and won't let your scalp bread. This will only leave you with even more greasy and dirty hair. Be sure not to use too much of the product and apply it according to the instructions.  

Is your hair damaged? 
Have you been doing some of these things? 

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