3 Things That Are Making Me Inspired At The Moment

Thursday, April 16, 2020

I don't want to jinx myself but I don't remember the last time I felt this inspired. I've been creating content that I feel very proud of and it is making me very happy. I used to struggle with consistent posting which those who follow me for a long time probably know. I'm not really good at focusing on multiple important things at the time. I'm a student so balancing uni and blog can sometimes get a little bit hectic. With the current situation and social distancing, I finally found the balance between the two. Here are some of the things that made me inspired to create new content and to be consistent.


It always blows my mind when I stumble upon such talented people online. From fellow bloggers to YouTubers, Instagramer and photographers. Some people really have their own style which makes them stand out. Something that I really admire about them is the hard work and effort they put in everything they do. Seeing how much they enjoy what they do and also seeing progress and result of their hard work, inspire me to hustle harder. That's why I only follow people that make me motivated and inspired to push myself and my creativity to another level. Whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed, reading my favorite blogs or watching YouTube videos I make sure that people behind the account share positive energy and have something I can look up to. 

I like diversity so I don't restrict myself to only those who create content similar to mine. I like to follow travel bloggers, fitness influencers and amazing photographers. I believe that I can learn something from all of them and incorporate that into my work. Everyone's preferences change as time passes so I always unfollow or unsubscribe from people that don't spark that inspiration in me. It doesn't have to do anything with them, it is just that I know at different stages and my preferences changed. By doing that I always find new accounts that trigger that spark and desire to create quality content on a regular base. 


To be completely honest, nothing makes me as inspired as seeing that my hard work and dedication is paying off. Before I would just give up because I didn't see any progress which was actually bad on my side because everything needs time. Now I realized that to see the progress you need to be consistent in your work. That consistency leads to seeing results quicker. That feeling of creating something that matters to someone, even if that someone is only you, is so rewarding. That's why being creative on itself makes me inspired to create more. It is like a chanted circle. I believe that the balance between creating content and seeing progress is very important. 

Sometimes when I start to focus more on the progress which consists of numbers, I can fall in the trap of creating for the wrong reasons. The good thing is that I can feel it when I start to create content as it doesn't feel as good as it does when I do it because of my passion. I stay inspired by looking for new blog posts to write and working on my photography. It is so easy to fall into a rut of creating the same content over and over again. Sometimes all it takes is looking from another perspective. This is something that can be implemented in different fields of our lives. 


After finally getting out of the reading slump I've been feeling very inspired and motivated. I finally read some of the amazing books from my TBR pile. I truly believe that you can learn from every book you read and that is why I love to read so much. Alongside reading books, I love to read other blogs of course. Seeing amazing content other bloggers are putting out makes me so happy. I read somewhere something about how blogging is dead but I definitely don't think that that is true. So many amazing bloggers work so hard on their blogs and what is even more amazing they are making it into their business. Seeing others succeed in the field I'm very passionate about, wake in me the motivation to give my best. 

Listening to music is also something that keeps me happy and makes levels of inspiration very high. I love to listen to music while I'm writing blog posts as it somehow makes me write and think faster (even know that I'm writing this post I have music playing in the background). Music has a big impact on my emotions so I definitely think that picking the music that makes you motivated is great to have while you need that little bust when you feel like your level of motivation has been low. Recently I've been having Latin music playlist playing while I'm making content. The upbeat rhythm makes the whole process of blogging much better. 

How do you stay inspired? 
Do you like to listen to music while you work on something? 

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