Ways To Calm Your Travel Bug Until Next Adventure

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Most of us probably haven't been on a trip for a few months now. It seems like it is going to be like that for quite some time. Those who are big travel addicts are probably having a hard time. That is totally understandable given the situation we are in. Although we should all stay at home and with that make chances to finally go on a trip much bigger, there are some ways you can calm your travel bug a little bit longer. 

By no means am I trying to say that with these ways you will forget about your big plans and adventures you really want to go on. These are just simple and in my opinion helpful ways, you can still learn about new places and see them without going out of our home. 


Whoever thinks that documentaries are boring is simply wrong. There are so many amazing documentaries you can easily watch and with that for free. Their film quality is insane and it just makes it so enjoyable to watch. This a great option for those who don't like to read. While watching documentaries about the country, city or any place you want to visit in the future, you are not only getting that excitement of the thought that you will one day be there, you are also learning about that place. In fact, you are learning from a credible source. 

While watching documentaries you are probably going to learn more about the history, culture, and people of the place you want to visit. With that, you are saving yourself some time in advance. You won't need to spend that much time exploring that place in advance once you book that trip. There are a lot of sites you can find documentaries on and watch for free. Make sure to take advantage of this and spend your free time learning as much as possible about your next destination. 


While one is more into watching, others prefer reading. With travel bloggers, you can easily fin helpful guides and information about almost every corner of the Earth. This source of information is very accessible and provides a lot of options. Travel bloggers usually give you information from the first hand. You can find budget-friendly accommodation, places to eat and how to travel. Saving blog posts that you find helpful or writing down useful information will make your future travel adventures more real. 

It will feel as you are planning little details of your trip. Reading books is another great way to calm your travel bug. The great thing is that you don't even need to read travel books, you can read any book you fancy. Books have that amazing power to take you to different real and fantasy places without even moving an inch of your body. With books, you also get a travel buddy, lead characters take you to the magic or real-world with a matter of seconds. 


This is a great time to widen your horizons. You probably have enough time to search about places that are maybe near you but you never thought of visiting them. We tend to always look far ahead and dream about faraway places. Maybe the real adventure is waiting for you just a few hours drive from you. Watching documentaries and reading books are both great for learning about places you want to visit but also to discover those that you probably didn't even think exist. There is always something so exciting about finding new destinations to travel to. 

While you are immersed in learning more about them and putting them on your travel bucket list, you are more likely to feel excitement for the future. For some, this might make your desire to travel even bigger and you might want to book your ticket right away. The way you can press that feeling down for a little bit is to start planning your trip in great detail. This is also a part of traveling, although it is not as active as the real traveling it is still something that will make you feel like you are near realization of those travel plans. 

I know that these are only replacements and it might feel as they will never be even close to real traveling, in the current state we need to work with what we have. Whenever you start to miss traveling I hope that these 3 ideas will help you find comfort. 

Do you find it hard not to be able to travel? 
Where do you want to go as soon as the current situation ends? 

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