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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

There are two types of people, those who are "die-hard workout enthusiasts" and those who are "I workout because that's the only way to get a healthy body" type. It doesn't matter which description feels most relatable to you, you are both sentenced to actually getting up and working out. Some of you probably prefer working in a gym or doing group workouts which unfortunately isn't possible anymore.  

Others love to work in the comfort of their home so they find it a little bit easier to get active without leaving their homes. For those who struggle with working whatsoever and this current situation isn't really helping them out, I decided to share with you some ways you can workout for home and for free right now. 

I am definitely a part of an "I workout because I want a healthy body" kind of person. I was one of those who would rather just let it be. I wasn't on any diets or worked out regularly. I'm way introverted to go on group training by myself and I was too lazy to go and find workouts online. The problem was that I was looking at the wrong place. I tried online workouts that were way too difficult which immediately made me just quit. That was until I realized what works best for me. 


If you still haven't tried yoga, now is your time. Whenever I meet someone who doesn't like to workout I always recommend them trying yoga. Most people have prejudice about it and don't find it as a way of "serious" working out. Let me tell you, once they try it they take their words back. Yoga is great for those who don't like intense and hard workouts but still want to move their body and get it toned. With the yoga moves, you will be able to feel muscles that you didn't even know you had before. Each move is very precise and connected with the breath. Because of the mindfulness that is implemented in yoga, you will be able to connect your mind and your body. 

One of the best online yoga practice is held by Adriene. If you ever tried to do online yoga then you probably know about Yoga With Adriene. This channel made me fall in love with the whole yoga practice. The best thing about it is that Adriene makes sure that even the complete beginners don't feel left out. There are a variety of different yoga practice videos for different body areas, problems you might have and moods you might be in. You can start with videos made for beginners or try her 30-day challenges. 

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Before you completely skip this because you think you can't dance, stop because everyone can dance. It might not be a good or even a decent dance, but we can all dance. Dance workouts are different because there are not meant for you to judge the way you dance, they are here to make working out a little bit more fun. Because of the quick beat and the rhythm, you will be immersed in following the moves which make the whole process not seem like a workout One of the most popular dance workouts is Zumba. You can also easily find different categories of dance workouts as Latin or Hip hop dance workout. 

The first dance workout I ever tried was DANCE #LIKENINA | 40-minute Reebok x Les Mills BODYJAM workout. As you can see it is a 40 min long workout and before that I never tried something like that. Although I struggled and couldn't keep up with all the moves I still tried till the end of the video. I definitely sweated a lot but it was so much fun that I kept ongoing. Those who find 40 minutes to intimidating can try Sunny Funny Fitness dance workouts. Sunny's videos are much shorter and easier to follow up. Because of the songs she uses it feels like you are at a very cool party. 


Weekly and monthly challenges are a great way to keep you motivated to work out regularly. This is often something that a lot of us struggle with because we don't have anybody who will hold us accountable. When you do weekly or monthly challenges you have a schedule you need to keep up with if you want to see a result. You can find printable challenges on Pinterest although I do recommend watching videos. While watching videos you are most likely do to all the moves correctly and avoid any injuries. If there is a certain body area you want to work on then there are a lot of area focused challenges on YouTube. Try a few of them to see what works best for you. 

I recommend starting with 2-week challenges as you are most likely to keep on going because you will start to see the result after you are done with the challenge. The one that I am currently doing is Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge by Chloe Ting. This video is only 10 minutes long but you can definitely feel your abs burning. While committing to only 2 weeks there is less possibility that you will give up. Chloe Ting has a lot of different weekly and monthly challenges you can check on her channel. 

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As lazy or unmotivated as you can feel, moving your body is so important. Here are some of the ways you can use this time to stay healthy while you are staying at home. Choose workouts that work the best for you as that will guarantee success. 

Have you been working out at home? 
Do you enjoy working out or do you find it dreadful? 

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