4 Reasons You Need to Plan a One Day Trip

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Traveling is definitely something most of us want to do more. You are probably dreaming about the new places you want to visit every day. How wouldn’t you? There are so many wonderful destinations waiting just for you to explore. The only problem is that you may not have enough time for some big travels as your life is pretty busy s it is. Well I’m sure you can squeeze a one day trip to your schedule once in a while. 

One of the best ways to actually explore new places on a budget is going on a one day trip. There are a lot of different agencies that can easily help you with making the right decision. If you are still not convinced here are 4 reasons that will probably convince you. 

Most of us have a routine that we follow probably every single day of the week. Routine does makes it easier to go through the day but sometimes it can get monotone and boring. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. You are going through the same streets to your work, grabbing coffee at the same coffee shop, ordering the exact same dish in the restaurant, etc. Although having a routine isn’t a bad thing, sometimes we just need a little bit of change. One day trip to another country or even just another city might be the well needed change in your life. 

Spending a day in another surrounding is so refreshing and eye opening. It makes the whole trip even more special and exciting as you’ve been used to seeing the same buildings, people and streets every day, and then now you’re in a completely different city or country. Planning one day trip might be the easiest way of traveling. You are going to realize how important it is to just escape or even better leave for a moment all the things that might be a burden right now and book a one day trip. 

If you scroll through Instagram you can see travel bloggers traveling to some of the most beautiful destinations in the whole world. Even just looking at their pictures you start to feel the desire to travel there as well. I’m sure that most of the times you don’t actually have a time or money to book that kind of travel. Well you don’t even have to. If you really want to explore new places you can easily find a way that suits your lifestyle. One of them is probably planning a one day trip. If you just take time to search about the places that aren’t that far away from you, you’ll probably found so many places that you’ll need only one day to explore. 

That’s what travelling is about. Exploring places you’ve never been to and soaking in every moment of the trip. When you know that you have only one day you’ll be sure to really enjoy each moment and see all the nooks and corners. I find it a great way to decide if you want to come to that place again for maybe more day in the future. It gives you some kind of a preview of the place and if you fall in love with it, it makes you want to come back again. 

I truly believe that the best and most efficient way of learning about a new culture and is by visiting that country. It’s about seeing and feeling it by yourself and experiencing it on your own skin. Each country has something special about it that makes it so interesting and unique. Seeing how people in other countries live and breathe will make you appreciate the diversity. You really don’t need to travel far away. Just stepping into your neighbor country is enough to get a glimpse of that experience. 

I’m sure that you’ll learn so many new things and appreciate each and every one of them. That’s the reason you really need to take a time and plan a simple one day trip. Once you see how many benefits you have from it you’ll want to travel to different place every week. Knowing that there are so many different cultures around the world really makes even just planning such an incredible experience. This is the best way to learn about and embrace new cultures in your life. This is also going to make you appreciate your own culture and tradition more. 

If you have a travel bucket list as long as mine then my friend you need to start traveling. There are so many incredible places around the world that you probably dream about visiting but something is just holding you down. One of the biggest reasons most of us just neglect traveling is money. We feel like we could use that money for something “more” important. When you think about traveling you probably think about a few day travels to an exotic place. Well you are fooling yourself if you’re thinking that’s a only way of traveling. 

There are so many agencies that plan a one day trips by bus to a country near yours that isn’t costing a fortune. You just need to search for it. This is how I went to Bled and Ljubljana last year, and this one I’m going to Venice. You can choose the travel plan that works best for you and choose the date you are free. Most of these kinds of trips are holding on weekends, which is actually great as a lot of people are free then. I like that it’s all organized so you don’t really need to think about anything that might go wrong. Most of the time a tour guide is included in the offer which makes the whole experience better. 

When was the last time you went on a one day trip? 
Do you find it easy to travel often? 

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