The Last Time You Got Lost In the Moment

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Do you remember? Do you remember that day when you didn’t think about anything else but the place, people and situation you were in? If you can easily recall that moment then good for you but let’s be completely honest, most of us have quite a hard time remembering. It’s something that became very much normal. It’s like we just live life in some kind of "cloudy state". Things happen to us but it’s like they aren’t actually happening to us in that exact moment. We are going through moments after they are already over. For most of the times we only remember them through photos and videos instead of remembering them from the emotions and feelings we felt in that exact second. 

We can blame the modern lifestyle or the influence of social media but in fact we are the ones to be blamed. We are the ones who are constantly trying to catch those amazing experiences and moments. We are so lost in the idea of a “perfect moment” that we then so easily miss. Nowadays it’s more important to post it on Facebook or Instagram. It’s sad that we actually even look for those moments just so we can post it online. Does that mean that they didn’t happen if we don’t share them with thousands of people? 

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing the highlights of your life but if it only stays on that then what’s the point. I’m sure that when you were younger you can recall some of your favorite childhood moments. I can bet that you probably don’t even have a photo of it but it’s still so vivid in your mind. It brings out the exact same feeling and emotions; it brings warmth and happiness with just a single thought of that moment. They were spontaneous and that’s why they are so meaningful.

So why can’t we do that today as well? It’s because we are constantly trying to plan those moments. We fake it. First thing we do is photograph it or film it with phones and cameras when we should actually capture it with our eyes and heart. We should engrave those moments in our minds. What is one of solutions for this problem? It’s so easy but so hard; mindfulness, we need to practice mindfulness. Living in the moment means living without thinking about the past or constantly planning and worrying about the future it just means living. Just to make something clear, mindful living doesn’t mean that absolutely every single moment of your life you should vividly remember. It means noticing which moments are a little bit more special than the other ones. It’s about knowing when to stop and “smell the roses”. 

We live in a world where everything moves so fast. It’s easy to get lost in the transitions that happen in our lives. No wonder that we feel stressed and worried and the last thing we think about is to enjoy each moment. Although this is the case we still shouldn’t live our lives like we have a second one in which we’re going to correct the mistakes made here. One day when you retire and look back on your life, what will you see? Hopefully you’ll remember all the spontaneous and happy moments. But to have something to remember then, you need to get lost in those moments now.

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