Easy Ways To Personalize Your Dorm Room

Monday, September 17, 2018 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Being a student for most of us means leaving our home and living on our own for the first time. While some may have that opportunity to live in an apartment, for some their little dorm rooms become their entire home. Living in a dorm room with a roommate that you might or might not know has its advantages and disadvantages. Dorm rooms usually aren’t anything special and when you know that you’ll be spending most of your time there it’s important to make it as cozy and warm as you can. That small little room is now your home for a long time and feeling like it is not yours is what makes living away from home even harder. 

Every dorm has its own rules and although you can’t actually do some big projects when it comes to room decorating there are few easy ways you can make it look more personal. I’m sure that if you’re a student you don’t have much money to spend on furniture or some decorations and to be honest you don’t even need to. There are a lot of easy and cheap ways you can make your room feel like home. 

Sometimes you just need to play it safe and you can’t get any safer than with pillows. Pillows just make any seating area much more cozy and warm. You can stick to one color palette or buy different ones to make the room look much more fun and playful. To save some money buy cheaper pillows even if you don’t like them at first as you can buy a cute pillow case later. Whenever you feel like you need a little change you can easily just replace pillow case with another one and have a brand new pillow. Although bed is supposed to be a sleeping and resting area when you live in a dorm room it also works as a hanging out area. You probably don’t have enough space for extra chairs so it is also a sofa. If your bed is placed beside the wall you can put pillows on that side so that your friends can comfortable lean back. Fresh and new duvets will make your bed area a relaxing and sleep zone. Adding soft blanket on the side gives that warm and cozy feeling. 

Most of dorm rooms have a plain white wall which is pretty basic but it does looks great if you put your own touch onto them. Putting on a real frame and photos probably isn’t the best idea as it takes a lot of time and you most likely can’t even do it. Thankfully there are a lot of website that provide free printable art. All you need to do is to choose the ones you like the most, print them out and decided how and where you want to put them. I recommend that you first realize the layout on the floor and then just easily stick them to the wall. I did that this year and it really looks amazing. You can print out some inspirational quotes that will keep you motivated to do study harder or some cute little illustrations that makes you feel happy. Another thing you can do and is a lot more personal is using your own photos. You can take a simple rope or ribbon and stick the both end on the wall above your bed and clip your own photos on it. 

If you love plants and are used to having them around your home why not take them to your dorm room as well. I know that taking for plants can be hard but there are the ones that you can definitely keep alive as cactus and succulents. They are so cute and little so they won’t take a lot of space. Try to place cactus somewhere where you won’t accidentally touch them and put succulents on your window or bedside table. I definitely think that little plants make any room look much more enjoyable to be in and that’s definitely what you need in your dorm room. If live plants aren’t your thing and you don’t think that you’ll be able to properly take care of them then there are always fake plants. You can find them in a lot of stores and they actually look like the live ones so no one will know. I think that even fake ones are a cute decoration. 

To make your room extra special and cozy you just can’t forget the fairy lights. They are that finishing touch every room need and to be completely clear that doesn’t means putting them just around the Christmas time. They make wonders all year round. Placing them above your bed, on the shelf or window will turn your room into a fairy tale. This is a great source of light in the evening and gives a nice atmosphere while you hang out with your friends, watch a movie or read in the bed. There are a lot of different ones you can buy and I recommend buying the ones that work on battery as it’s much safer and easier to place them wherever you want. I bought cute little fairy lights in a jar decoration that works perfectly as my bedside table lamp. 

Do you live in a dorm room? 
How do you make your room much more cozy and personal? 

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