Dainty Yet Beautiful Everyday Jewelry Pieces

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I only realized the power of jewelry few months ago. To be completely honest, I was never a big jewelry person. I just didn’t find that it makes a big difference in my overall look and oh boy how wrong I was. It was so hard for me to find a piece of jewelry that I really like and see myself constantly wearing. I don’t like statement, big or chunky pieces as that’s just not my style and somehow that’s all I could see in the jewelry stores. I’m very much a dainty and simple accessories kind of gal.

Throughout some time I managed to find pieces without which now I can’t leave my home. I realize that with them I can make any outfit look so much more beautiful but also most importantly I realized that just the process of picking up the ones I want to wear that day and putting them on makes me feel happy and myself. Just a simple act as putting on my favorite necklace or earrings can make my day so much better without even realizing. 

The pieces that I’ve been wearing all the time are Civion The Heart necklace and The Line earrings. I absolutely love that this necklace is double layer so I can wear both pieces together or separately, depending on my mood and outfit choice of the day. Although I do love silver and gold, I decided that I want this necklace to be in gold as it makes it look more special. It’s a piece of jewelry that goes amazing with just a simple t-shirt and jeans as well as with a elegant dress. 

I always had a love hate relationship with earrings. I would have periods when I would where them every single day and then periods where I wouldn’t wear them for a months. As well as with any other piece of jewelry I like earrings to be simple but with cute and unique design. These earrings are so simple yet they give such a clean and edgie vibe. They are the only earrings I’m wearing at the moment and I feel like it’s going to be like that for a really long time. 

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What's your favorite jewelry piece? 
Are you more into dainty or statement pieces?

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