Get Out Of Reading Slump Right Now

Monday, September 10, 2018

There is nothing worse that can happen to a book lover then getting into a reading slump. It’s so frustrating when it happens, especially if you don’t know how to get out of it. It’s even more annoying when you have a lot of books waiting for you on your bookshelf. I’ve been, in what seemed like a longest reading slump ever, and I couldn’t be happier when I finally got out of it. I decided to share with you some of the things that helped me and will hopefully help you to start reading again.

Sometimes you just won’t feel like picking up the book and reading it. You’ll probably feel more like watching movies or scrolling through Instagram as it doesn’t take as much energy and focus as reading does. Well scrolling through Instagram may actually help you to get back to reading if you follow the right accounts. I’m sure that you already heard about the bookstagram. It’s a community of a book worms on Instagram. Their feeds are absolutely beautiful and after just a few minutes you’ll feel inspired to read all the books you have on your bookshelf. I also like to go on Pinterest and just search for anything book related. Reading book related quotes and finding yourself in them will spark your love for books again. 

When you think that you need to read something it pushes away the feeling of excitement that reading a book brings. I believe that more people would enjoy reading if the education system encourages children’s to read and not push them to do so. We don’t have the same taste in books and somehow schools still don’t understand that. Reading is fun and somehow school makes it boring. So remember all the books that you had to read and be happy that now you can choose which books you actually want to read. I’m sure that if you decide to read the book that you skipped in high school you’ll find it very interesting. If you are still in school or college, don’t grow apart from reading, you can learn something from every book you read even if you don’t necessarily like it.


Just because you started a book it doesn’t mean that you need to finish it. Some books are just not our cup of tea and that’s totally fine. I know that it’s easy to be influenced by other people opinions on books and that you may think that everybody love this book so you should to and that’s just not true. Forcing yourself to read a book that you really don’t like is unnecessary. Put it away, give it to friend or just leave it on your bookshelf as you might one day want to give it another chance. You can definitely tell that you’re not into a book when it takes you much longer to read it then it should take you. The worst part is that you are still struggling and trying when in fact you just want to be done with it so you can start a new book. I know that some books do take time to get into but if you see that there’s no point in finishing it at that moment then don’t. While you’re forcing yourself with this one book you could’ve read two of the ones that you would love. 


“Out of sight out of mind” can be applied to books as well. When you don’t see books you most likely won’t think about them and you for sure won’t pick them up and start reading, especially when you’ve been in a reading slump for quite some time. If you commute to work by any public transportation then be sure to take your book with you. When you know that you have a book with you you’re going to most likely start reading it. It’s also a great way to make your commute much more enjoyable and productive. Bring a book of short stories, poems or essays. Keep books around your home but not in a messy way. Have a different kind of book in your living room, kitchen and bedroom. I usually read in my bedroom so although my bookshelf is right there I like to keep the books that I haven’t read on my bedside table. Every night before I go to sleep I pick a book that haven’t read before or just started reading it. Even if you read just one chapter there is a high chance that you’ll want to read another one, and another one and another one. 

Sometimes it’s all about the atmosphere. I’m sure that you all love the feeling of opening a new book and diving into a whole new world. When I think about books I immediately think about warmth, coziness and joy. Finding the spot that just makes you want to read all the books is what will make you not want to leave that space. If you have your own home than you can easily find the perfect corner and make it as cozy and beautiful as you want. Pinterest is great for inspiration at how to decor it. If you live with your parents or in a dorm room like I do then you need to find a way to make your room perfect for reading. When you associate one place with books and reading it will attract you to spend as much time as you can there. I know that sometimes reading at home can be boring so try and find a few spots outside your home. Look for a cute little café nearby or a park in which you can peacefully read. 

Would you call yourself a bookworm? 
How do you get out of reading slump? 

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