Reflecting At My First College Year

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's so crazy for me to actually write this post! I can't put my head around it. It's still quite surreal that I've finished my first year at college. I feel very happy, excited and proud of myself as this is quite a big deal for me.

I started my first semester in October of 2016. So ten months ago. It was quite a big change as I was going to a hing school just 30 minutes bus drive from my home. I was moving to the dorm room 80 kilometers away from my family and friends. Good part is that I was moving with my sister so it wasn't a too big of an shock. Anther positive side is that my college is just 10 minutes away from my dorm room. I didn't need to take any public transport and worry about traffic and being late. 

When the semester started I really enjoyed my classes as it was something I didn't know much about before and I was very interested in it. I met a lot of amazing people and the professors are so accessible. The campus isn't very big as of some other colleges but that's actually the reason why I love it so much. You can really feel that warmth and cozy atmosphere. All of my colleagues are so lovely and we all help each others. 

Although of course sometimes it can get pretty hard and stressful it's all manageable if you are really interested in what you study. I'm so happy with my choice and wouldn't change it for anything. 

Do you go to college? 
How  was your year? 

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