3 Ways To Actually Save Money

Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm sure that we all sometimes just need to save money and want to do it  without actually giving up on things that we love. As a student I tried to find some ways that will keep money in my pocket so I could use it for things that I really need. They are very simple and but I find that it's easy to forget about them. 

Most of the time we go to shop just in certain stores and end buying things for much higher price. When you write down your grocery or shopping list check out where you could get those things for cheaper price. Second hand shops are great for buying beautiful clothes maybe even twice cheaper that it is in the some other stores. As well as going out eating there are so many amazing restaurants, caffe's and pubs that are much cheaper but you still get a nice meal, drink and atmosphere.

Eating outside all the time when you're trying to save some money isn't actually a great idea. Why wouldn't you ask your friends to come to your house so you can prepare a meal together. It's much cheaper and so much fun.  Recycling old things and creating new ones is something I really enjoy doing. There is so many amazing things you can do and it's so easy to find the idea. Of course my biggest source of inspiration is definitely Pinterest.  


Few years ago I was watching a TV show and they mentioned how much electricity you're spending with leaving your lights on when you're not in the room. My family and I started to turn off our lights whenever we're leaving the room and our electric bill reduced for so much. Another things that most of the people don't know is that leaving your lamps, computer or anything else plugged in secretly drains electricity. Even if your lamp is turned off it still slowly use your electricity.

These three hacks really helped me to actually save money. They are super easy and painless. I hope that they are going to be helpful to you too.
You can find even more helpful tips on how to save money on The Stick Vacuums in their article How To Save Money Each Month- 76 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now 

How do you save money? 
What is your favorite money saving hack? 

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