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Monday, July 31, 2017

Yeah, it's the end of July and thank goodness that I have two more months of Summer break. This has been a good month. Although if I'm completely honest it could have been better. You know that feeling at the end of the Sunday just when you realize that it's school tomorrow and you haven't done anything really important. Well I have that kind of feeling. 

July started very good as I finished all of my exams and really felt happy and relieved. My resolution was to read as many books as I can and I did read some great books although I could have read even more. The first book that I've finished was Sofia's World by Jostein Gaarder. I enjoy it a lot as it made so many things about philosophy so much clearer. 

Another book I finally get up to reading was Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg. I read the first part last year and really enjoyed it. I must admit that the second part is even better. It has little twist and turns which make it just perfect for casual Summer read.

But the book that really had me from the first page is definitely To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. It has been on my reading wishlist for so long and I'm so happy that I read it. If you like a romantic YA book then you need to pick it up. I was so excited when I found out that they are making a movie based on the book and there are two more parts out. 

Friends. The greatest TV show ever. I decided to re-watch it and oh man it was the best decision ever. I'm currently on the season 4 and I'm having a blast. If you need a light heart and also heart warming Tv show then you need to watch them. So yesterday I started watching The Bold Type and I'm in love. I watched 4 episode in one go and it just made me feel so inspired. Although I've never watched Sex & The City they say that it's similar to it but the main characters are lot younger and it deals with lot of nowadays problems of social media and society. 

The one thing that made me so happy this month are you guys. I can't even began to tell you how much your support  means to me. Every comment, follow, Instagram like or Twitter chat makes me so happy. I really want this to be a place where you're going to feel welcome and inspired. I want to write posts that will help you and make you empowered. 

Although I did start this post quite pessimistic it wasn't that bad. I worked really hard on my blog and all the blog posts for August but I think that I need to squeeze there more fun activities.  

How was your July?
Have you been up to anything fun and exciting? 

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