Early Autumn Tag 🍂☕

Monday, September 26, 2016

We all know how much I love Autumn and all about that season. I haven’t done a tag post in so long. Honestly don’t know why as I love to read them. I stumbled across this Early Autumn Tag on simply_kenna YouTube channel. I chose 10 questions that I liked the most and answered them. Hope you’ll like it.  

🍂 Do you ignore the leaves on the sidewalk  or do you purposely step on them to hear that awesome crunchy noise?
    I definitely always step on them. I love that sound when I step on leaves. It’s  been like this from when I was just a little girl. I remember walking through the woods and stepping at as many leaves as I could.

🍂 Does your family break up the fallen leaves or leave them be?
   We used to grab them if they fall on our doorway because we have a lot of threes around our house. But I actually like to see fallen leaves at the ground especially if they have pretty Autumn colors on them.

🍂 How close can you sit next to the bonfire before it gets too hot for you?
    I usually like to sit not too far but not to close either. I like to snuggle myself into sweaters and blankets if it’s chilly.

🍂 Do you like your hot chocolate made from scratch or made from the package?
   I always make my hot chocolate from scratch. I’m not a big fan of the ones from the package as they don’t taste chocolaty enough. I actually posted a recipe for Caramel Hot Chocolate which is so easy to do and tastes absolutely delicious.

🍂 Do you enjoy the frigid weather because you can wear comfy clothes or because you just like the ear at that cold temperature?
    It’s honestly both. I love my sweaters and I love to wear layers and comfy clothes but also I just love that Autumn weather. It’s the perfect balance between hot and cold.

🍂 Does your family buy autumn scented candles for the season?
   It’s not as much my family as it’s me. I buy them for all of us. I just can’t pass buy a Autumn scented candle. I love that they make everything smell so much more festive and cozy. There is nothing better than stepping into a room that smells like apple pie.

🍂 Do you collect fall leaves, flowers or pressing?
    Yes this is  my favorite thing to do in the Autumn. I like to pick up flowers and leaves and make herbarium. I have one notebook in which I put them. It looks so pretty. I’m actually going to make a post about it so you can see how it looks like.

🍂 Are you more active or more laid back during the season?
   It depends on a day and my mood. On some days I love to go outside and pick apples or blackberries but on some days I like to cuddle up in my bed with a cup of hot chocolate and good book.

🍂 How many batches of cookies do you make during the season?
   So much it’s getting out of hand. I love to bake and cookies are my absolute favorite things to do. I have one recipe that never disappoint me and my family love them. I usually bake the every week because they disappear so fast.

🍂 Do you go hiking through the forest in the season?
   Yes, it’s my favorite thing to do. I’m surrounded my the forest so it’s something I’ve been doing from when I was a little girl. Although I’m not doing it as often as I would like to I always try to make time for it once in a while.

So those are my answers for this Autumn tag questions. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you'll do this tag on your blog. I tag all of you to do it and leave me your links. If you don't have a blog answer some of the questions in the comments below. Would love to read them. xo