Body Care Products

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I like to take care of my body throughout the whole year but I find that I take extra care in Autumn and Winter months. My skin can get pretty dry because of cold air and wind. I always need to have body creams and lotions by my side.

Here I have three of my favorite body care products. I use them daily and they are absolutely amazing. They make my skin soft and hydrated. I usually use them after shower or before I go to bed.

  • Grace & Charmes ~ This is a Sunflower rose petal body lotion. It comes in a set which contains shower gel, cream bath , bath fizzer and body lotion.  This body lotion smells absolutely amazing. It has that nice and relaxing smell. I like to apply it after a long and chilled bath. It blends easily and it’s not sticky. The consistence is light and creamy I like the size of it as you can easily but it into a bag.

  • Aveo Bodycreme ~ I have never smelt any product that smells as good as this one. When I first opened it the smell filled the whole room. It smells exactly like raspberries. If you don’t like strong fruity scents then this is not a product for you.  It contains avocado and coconut oil which are both very beneficial for skin health. It’s great for normal and dry skin. I like that I don’t need to wait for a long time to absorb. Some body crèmes can leave tracks but that’s not the case with this body crème. I also really like the packaging. It’s very big and cute. 

  • Body&Soul Wellness Lotion ~  This is another product that has nice and fruity scent.  It contains pomegranate and cranberry. This scent is more subtle and soft then the Aveo bodycreme one. I like that it has a little pump so I don’t need to worry that it’s going to leak out.  I did the whole review before so for more information’s you can check it here.

I just can't live without these product. My skin is definitely thanking them. They do wonder for it. I know that I'm going to survive Autumn and Winter days whit their help. 

What is your favorite body care product?