Things Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

Friday, September 2, 2016

There is no denying that I'm a huge cat lover. Being surrounded by them for the whole of my life and always have them by my side is something that wouldn’t change for everything. I’m thankful that my family absolutely loves cats and that we always had a least 3 of them. I’m always trying to learn new things about them and they always manage to surprise me. I wanted to share some interesting facts about those beautiful creatures. 

  • If cat is slowly blinking at you it means they love you.
  • If cat bring you a “gift” it means that they want to teach you how to hunt.
  • They spend 2/3 of every day sleeping.
  • Cats respond better to women then to men.
  • Adult cat’s meow only at adults as that’s their way to communicate with them.
  • They only sweat through their paws.
  • They can’t taste sugar.
  • Most black cats have golden eyes.
  • You can tell the cats mode by looking into its eyes.
  • A cat sees about six  time better at night than humans. 

I currently have 3 cats. Two males and one female. I love to cuddle and play with them. They are each different and I never know what to expect from them. But one thing is for sure their company makes me feel so much better. I want to get another kitty soon. You know, there is never enough cats. 

Are you a cat lover? 
 How many of them do you have?