Framed Leaves

Friday, November 13, 2015

Today I'll show you another super cute and easy autumn do-it-yourself project. It is so fun to do and you won't spend too much money. I always feel like my walls can be boring. And like real pictures can be quit expensive. So I'm going to show you how can you made your own picture. 

I didn't do do-it-yourself project in so long and it was only fear to do it today. You know how I love to be creative and crafty. Especially if I can use products from nature and incorporate it in my room or home in general. 

All you are going to need are some cute all kind of shapes leaves. You can go outside and pick ones like I did or you can buy fake ones in craft store's. Then you're going to need some picture frames. You can buy whatever kind of frame you like. I actually re-use picture frame that doesn't have glass. 

That's way I needed some wood glue. You won't need it if your frame has glass. If you have frame like me you can paint it in any color you want. I tried to paint it in white but it actually didn't turned out as I wanted it. But it doesn't matter I like how it looks. 

So the first frame I tried to paint it white. But you can't really see the paint. My mistake was that I didn't used paint for wood so that's way it didn't attached to frame. Then I put wood glue on the back of the leaves and on the frame. I putted three really cute leaves one under another. 

For the second frame I turned it horizontally so that I can put this cute big leaves on it. This frame I didn't painted. I just glued my leaves on the frame. So as I said if you have glass then even better because you won't need to glue leaves. 

I really hope you like this do-it-yourself project. I absolutely love it. It looks really cool and it makes every room so much more autumnal. 

What do you think about this do-it-yourself project?