Makeup Expiration Dates

Monday, October 12, 2015

If you have a lot of beauty products and don't know which ones are not good anymore then this post is just for you. It's easy to forgot when you started using your product and how long can you use it. 

As any other product you shouldn't use makeup products with expired expiration dates. I know that it's sometimes hard to remember that makeup has expiration dates too. Expired beauty product can be full of bacteria. And that can cause you a lot of problems with skin health. 

It's important to go through your makeup bag every 3-4 moths and see which products aren't good anymore. I noticed that some makeup products don't say how long you can use them. So I tend to stick little paper on product and write the date when I first start using it. The real question is- How long does makeup products last?  

I made this photo in which I wrote how long each makeup product last. I was really surprised when I saw some of them. I really hope that this will help you. 

  When was the last time you went through your makeup products?