Loving Lately || September

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I think that September was my busiest month ever. I had so many things to do with school and my driving lessons. It was pretty crazy and I really hope that October will be a little bit calmer. I'm so happy that I had all of my posts scheduled because otherwise I wouldn't have time to write anything. But let's get into things that I've been loving in September. 

Beauty ~ I think that eye makeup always make most difference in any makeup look.  My go to mascara in September was Essence get BIG lashes mascara. I think that it was only makeup product that I even used. It made my eyes look big and awake. It is waterproof and gave my lashes volume all day long. 

Blog ~ Although I didn't have many free time last month whenever I could I went to Shy Life Living. It's absolutely amazing blog by Sophie. I interact with her trough comments and on twitter and she is so lovely. I really like her fashion posts. She has amazing style. But I think that I love her personal post even more. I know how hard it is to talk about personal stuff on internet and I really like that she is opening more and that I and a lot of her readers can learn about her more. 

Fashion ~ I went on a little trip with my school and we of course went for a little shopping and I bought this cute owl necklace. I think I'm little bit obsessed with everything owl. It looks so pretty with plane T-shirt or sweater. Another accessories that I wore a lot was cute bow ring that I got  for my birthday. I just love them so much.

Food ~ It's actually a drink. Almost every day my best friend and I went for hot chocolate cappuccino. As we stayed in the city for whole day it was nice to finish it in cute little coffee. Chatting and chilling out while rain was falling. 

YouTube ~ As with reading blogs I haven't had a lot time to watch YouTube videos too.  But the one that I enjoyed the most was In The Frow by Victoria. Her way of filming and content are so amazing. I could watch her all day long. I think that she might be my girl crush. She is so beautiful, hard working and in general gorgeous lady. What really inspires me about her is that she runs this perfect blog too. I really think that she is so sweet and down to earth. 

What have you been loving  in September?