Autumn Fun List

Friday, October 16, 2015

Although some of you may think that Autumn is very boring season and that Summer is the one to have fun, I don't think so. I think that Autumn has so much to give. In the Summer we always rush to party's, beach, pool and in Autumn everything is so much relaxed. 

I'm not big fan of the heat so chilly days are the one for me. I like to lay in my bed wrapped with blanket, drink hot chocolate and watch movies. That's my perfect kind of day. As I did Bucket list for Summer I decided to do Fun list for Autumn. 

       * Jump in a big pile of leaves.
       * Pick my own apples.
       * Collect fallen leaves and acorns.
       * Enjoy cup of hot chocolate outside.
       * Stamp on crunchy leaves.
       * Bake pies, bread and cookies.
      * Make do-it-yourself autumn crafts. 
       * Make homemade doughnuts. 
       * Clean out the closet. 
       * Have a movie marathon. 

What is on your Autumn fun list?