Simple Little Things

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yay It's first day of March! You probably already now how much I want Spring to come and we are closer and closer. Sun is shining and everything is so much better. This week was pretty good and it went very fast. So here are the thing that marked this week.

I started to watch New Girl and I'm obsessed with this show. But like really obsessed. In three day's I managed to watch hole first season. Last year I started to watch it but for some reason I didn't like it. I started to watch second season yesterday and it's amazing. I like that it's funny but has interesting plot. I really really really enjoy to watch it although my school duties won't aren't happy. 

Next week is going to be tense. I have so many examinations and tests. However I'm very proud because learned Friday morning and Saturday evening and I should go studying after I write this...if New Girl don't distract me. I hope that I'll manage to learn everything on the time and that everything will be good.

I think that I didn't mention on my blog that I have new puppy. It was totally unexpectedly as I already have a dog (Zen). My dad found him abandoned by the roadside and he took him. He is so sweat. He don't have a tail so when he's happy he's waving with the entire rump. We don't know what we'll call him although I I root for the name Lucky. :) 

I've been listening Nobody Love by Tori Kelly on repeat. She is such an amazing singer. You can see that she have pure talent. I really like her songs and her personality. 

From YouTuber's this week I've enjoyed watching videos of Ingrid Nielsen. Her videos are really amazing. This week she published Easy + Effortless Textured Hairstyles  and February Favorites. She such a beautiful and inspiring person. On her other channel she makes videos called 5 Minutes For Us (5MFU) where she talks about things that her viewers are interested in. 

Which things made you happy this week?