Motivational Monday Quote #48

Monday, March 9, 2015

Everybody wants to found themselves. To be able to feel good in your skin where ever you are and with whom you are. Opening to another human being for someone is not very hard but for someone it is quite a big deal. Especially if you were yourself and someone did not accept you and made fun of you. You are afraid that you'll look stupid, weird or strange. Or maybe your shy and withdrawn person. 

When I was in primary school I was very shy and didn't like to talk in front of big groups. I had my best friend and few people whit whom I could be myself. Because of that  shyness I was teased a lot. That didn't help me to open and talk to new people at all. There were day's when I would come home and cry because I just couldn't be myself in that environment.

After I finished my primary school and went in high school I totally changed. Although the first year of high school I was still little bit shy but I started to talk whit new people and what is most important I didn't pretend that I'm someone that I'm not. I decided that if somebody don't like me because of who I am then I don't want that people in my life. 

Now I couldn't be happier. I have amazing friends that love me because of my weirdness and all my imperfections. Going to school is so much easier when I now that I'll see them and that we'll have so much fun together. I never need to pretend that I'm someone who I'm not in front of them. I feel free and myself. 

Before I thought that I'm not good enough and that I need to pretend but it's not true. We are one and only in the world. We shouldn't try to be someone that we're not when we are best of ourselves. You don't want to have friends in front of whom you could never be yourself.  There will always be people who don't like you and who do. But first you need to like yourself.