My Favorite Lip Products

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I love lip products but I'm not using them as much as I should. My lips can get really chapped and dry. I don't wear bright and shimmer lipsticks or lip glosses. I'm more into nude and natural lip colors. To me it's important that lipstick or lip balm don't dry out my lips and that it stays a good amount of time. These are my top five lip product that I really like and I should use way more often. 

Essence Love Letter~ I have this lipstick for a long time now. I think that it was a limited edition but I'm not sure. This lipstick is in "01 Rosy In Love". It's really nice pink shade. I love the packaging because it looks so pretty and cute. It's in nice size so you can easily put it into you makeup bag, backpack or handbag. It's a mix between lip balm and lipstick. You can check out my review for more information.

AVON ColorTrend ~I got this lipstick from my friend for my birthday. I like it a lot. It's in shade "Flirt". It's really nice color between pink and orange. It stays a very long time and don't leave my lips dry. I like the white packaging and the transparent part when you can see the color. The consistency is creamy and it is easy to apply and remove. I can't wait to use it more this Spring. 

Maybellline Baby Lips ~ This is like my everyday go to lip product. I'm sure that you all heard of it and that you own at least one of this pretty baby's. It saved my lips true this windy and cold days. It smells divine. I always have it by my side and apply it multiple times during the day. It leave my lips hydrated and soft. 

Rosal LipBalm ~ It is another lip product that I got for my birthday. I used it few times and it looks amazing. I should really use it more often. It's in shade "Flash Nude". It's pretty nude pink with a little bit of shimmer. It's easy to apply. I think that it's nice to use it in the evening because it's darker and have nice shimmer. 

Lip Butter ~ I think that this is my absolute favorite lip product of them all. I can't live without it. If I had to chose in between all of these lip products I would definitely choose this one. It's just amazing. It's a pale rose color in the tin that does not translate onto the lipsIt leaves my lips soft like no other lip butter on balm. I like to use it in the morning and when I go to sleep. I did a review way back so be sure to check it out.

What are your favorite lip products? Do you have any of these?