{review} Colleen Blush

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm going to do a review of Colleen Ball Blush in 804. I actually never heard about this brand before but I really liked how it looked so I decided to buy it. You can choose between bronzed or slightly rosy cheeks. I've gone for this pretty rosy shade. There is a mix of two variations of pink. This is my first blush in balls. I usually used typically blush. It apply's very nice. I do it with brush and it stays nice on my cheeks. It costs around 2.031 ₤. And I think that it does the job very well. 

First thing that I noticed when I opened it that it smells like roses. That really surprised me because I didn't saw any other blush that smell as nice as this one. Another thing that I was really happy about was how long it stayed on my cheeks. From morning to afternoon it was still on my cheeks, although I don't put too much of it.

Only thing that I don't like about this blush is that it has sheen. But good thing is that you can't see it too much so it's not a big problem. For some of you that might not be a big deal but I just wanted to mention it. After all I think that this blush is really good. I like to use it. It looks fresh and natural on my skin.