Motivational Monday Quote #45

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kindness is something that unfortunately we don't see very often these days. It makes me so sad. Being kind is the smallest thing that you can do but have such a big meaning. I can't understand why would someone write or say bad things to somebody that they don't even know or even worse to someone that they know. I read so many mean comments on youtube, twitter and instagram. I understand that somebody don't like something but we are all different and that's totally OK. 
There is no reason to be mean. I'm glad that I never found mean comments on my blog and that blogging community is so supportive. 

Being kind is something that should be seen every day. I think that there is no better feeling when someone is kind to you but also when your act or word put smile on someones face. You don't know what someone is going through and maybe your kindness makes day day a little bit better. It's not hard to say someone that you like their outfit or just to thank them. 
That is really nice and we should do it every single day. So be kind to each other. It's the smallest thing that we can do for
 each others.