{how to} Get Up Easier

Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting up in the morning sometimes can be real venture. Especially when you know you have to wake up at 6 am for work or school. It's not the easiest thing to do. Although it would be a little bit more pleasant if I could wake up every morning with coffee and croissants waiting for breakfast. But don't worry, I got your back....but no croissants, sorry. Here are some of my tips for easier and quicker waking. 

Drink water ~ It's really good to drink water before going to bed. It will relax and refresh you. If you go to bed thirsty you may wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink. But it's also very important not to drink too much because it'll lead to late night bathroom breaks...oh it's happened to me more than ones and it's so annoying when you wake up hour before you clock go on. 

Read a book ~ I found reading book before going to sleep really calming. Especially when I'm sleepy but I can't sleep. Reading makes me sleepy. I think that it's better to read genre of book that you know puts you in sleepy mode. Although for some people this has opposite effect this really works for me. 

Turn off the phone ~ For me this is the hardest part. I'm always scrolling through Twitter and Instagram although nobody posted anything for hours. To prevent long scrolling I started to turn of my wifi 30 minutes before I go to bed. I just remind myself that whatever happen on internet will be there when I wake up. 

Schedule your most important plans ~ I found that this is very important to do. I don't even remember how many times I tucked myself into bed ready to sleep but then all the things that I have to do tomorrow  started to go around my mind. So it's better to write down everything that you need to do. You'll be sure that you won't forget anything and you'll be exited to get up and do them. 

Sleep in total darkness ~ It's important to sleep in total darkness because all the lights from TV, mobile phone and all the other devices that you have in your room can effect your sleep. Light at night disrupt sleep and cause a lot of health problems. You should turn off all of your devises at least 30 minutes before you're going to sleep. 

Put the alarm across the room ~ This is for those who like to ignore the "pleasant" melody of alarm or like to use snooze button to many times. Keep your alarm clock or if you use your phone as alarm away from your bed. Enough so that you'll need to get up to  shut it off. After  you get out of bed turn on all the lights and open the curtains to wake you up. 

What helps you to wake up easier?