Simple Little Things

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It is getting colder and colder. But I don't mind it because  I know that Christmas time is approaching. Although there is two months until Christmas I am so excited. But it's not time to talk about Christmas. It's time for things that made me happy this week. 

♥ This week I got good grades in school. I'm very happy that everything is going great. I'm  trying to do my best in every single class. Hope that I'll keep going that way. Although next week will be a little bit intense I'm sure everything will be OK.  

♥ It is  something about baking on the rainy Autumn day. It is so much better. I baked muffins ,and they turned out really good. It was nice to watch film and eat them in the warm home while outside was raining. I like evenings like this. they are so precious.

 ♥ Yesterday I started to clean my room and I wanted to redecorate it. So I did it.  And I like it this way so much better. I'm kind of person that loves changes. They don't even need to be big. Even little one can make me so happy. I always got big motivation after doing that.

♥ I got a desire to play synthesizer. So I took it out and just played. I played December by Taylor Swift and A Time by Ed Sheeran. It was so nice. I immediately downloaded some new music that I can't wait to learn. I definitely need to learn some Christmas songs because it will come very soon and I can't wait. 


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