Simple Little Things

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I can't believe that it's October already. I've been in school for a month now and it don't feel like it at all. Honestly it's a little bit scary how time flys by. But enough about that. These are things that made me happy this week! ;)

 As I travel 45 minutes every day with bus to my school I find it very relaxing. Although it's a pretty long ride. I really like to look through window and watching trees, deer's, houses and people. It calms me down and got me thinking about all sort of things. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in their life's or what are they thinking about. It really get me realize that whatever bad is going in my life in  somebody else it might be even worse. 

♥ I almost forgot how much I love dancing until Friday. We danced on my music class. I've notice that I can't stop smiling while I'm dancing. It makes me so happy. I'm kind of person who can't sit still while music is playing. I immediately start moving.

 I'm always daydreaming. I like that about myself. I love to lay in my bed, listen music and just dreaming with my eyes opened. I have really big imagination so I have my kind of  romantic movies going on in my head. hehe

 I'm not afraid not to wear makeup. I'm not ashamed of my skin. I know that I don't have perfect skin. I'm teenage girl and it's normal that I sometimes have pimples, redness and oily skin. But like every girl some days I just want to get little bit dressed up and make my makeup pretty. I'm confident with and without makeup, and I think that every girl should be. 

♥ When I was younger I used to draw every day. I was always very creative kid. It was my kind of entertainment. As i got older, other things replace drawing. But this week I got desire for drawing. I remembered why I loved to do it so much when I was younger. It's just me paper and pencil. I love that I can give life to something on paper. 

What made ​​you happy this week? 


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