It's Time to Draw...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 I remember that as I kid I loved to draw. I would go to my room  take  the crayons and pencils and draw all day. At first all that I would draw was big house with a lot of windows and big garden fool of flowers and one big apple three. Little by little a started to draw people. I think that I have drawing "skills" because my mom is amazing drawer. She once draw portrait of me ans it was beautiful. I grow up looking how she draws and I started to do lines like she did. 

I wish that I could draw from my imagination but I can't. I'm good at copying from photos. I need to have photo in front of me to draw. But I think that if I draw something for a long time I'll start to draw images from my head. I always doodle something on back of my notebooks.

I like how I feel when I draw. It's calming me down. I like to draw different things. It depends in what kind of mood I am and if I feel inspired. I can't draw if I don't feel like it. I know that it won't turn out good. These day's I've got a lot of inspiration. I was drawing and drawing and drawing. It helped me clear my mind and  it return me in my childhood days when everything was a lot easier. 

First picture (girl with red hare) I draw when my little cousin was staying with my family and me. I think that she woke up my desire for drawing. I have my room door fool of draws from my cousins and I love it so much. 

This middle one is draw of a girl that I saw on Pinterest. It was a real challenge for me to draw, but I like how it turned out. I always found hard do draw heads. 
I think that this owl one is so cute. I think that I'm going to frame it. This one was easiest to draw. And the last two are as well from Pinterest. These are "fashion one". I think that I'm going to draw a lot more of them. It's so fun to draw them. I like that I can be a fashion designer and dress them how I want to. ;)

Do you like to draw?  



  1. I used to love drawing too, especially fashion related things, I had a scrap book full of designs! x

    1. It's so much fun to draw fashion related draws, I bet that your designs are amazing! xo

  2. These are so good! Unfortunately, I'm not a very good drawer myself but I like being creative and I really like admiring other peoples art work :)

    1. Thank you! :) I'm sure you're better drawer than you think.There are so many talented people who really deserve the admiration. xo