Motivational Monday Quote #32

Monday, October 20, 2014

We all strive for success. We want it to come quickly and easily. No one of us want to encounter obstacles along the way. When we come across these obstacles and we overcome them, we'll continue with our path proudly and decisively. But it's not always  like that. 

There may be times when we can't go further and we are defeated. That can really shake us. Only options that remain to us to give up or to move on. We may think it's over, but the moment when we realize it's not, and we try again is what count. It's not easy to gather courage. 

We all have the strength to go on. Not everyone can do it. But it's important to trySometimes it may be hard to find that strength. But it's important to try. We need to believe in us and our ability. 


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