Motivational Monday Quote #17

Monday, April 28, 2014

I don't understand how people can be so judgmental.  How can someone be nasty to someone that they don't know and didn't make effort to even try to know them?!? I think that biggest reason of that is that we judge people by their appearance and if we don't like them we will ignore them or even worse, make fun of them. 

When I was in primary school there was some boys that wasn't very nice to me, and at that time I thought that they are just awful. But I never think why are they like that. There are no excuses for things that they did but now I know that they did it because they have some personal issues and that they didn't know how to solve them.

Now when I'm a little bit older I sometimes watch random people (not at bad why, I'm not stocking them) and I'm thinking about what I thought when I saw them and I wonder what is really their story. But I always remind my self not to judge because you never know what is actually happening in their lives. 


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